January 10, 2010

The Day for Night Series, Alizarin Goldflake

From: RobertSteven Smythe
Topic: "The Day for Night Series and Selected Digital Drawings" by Alizarin Goldflake
Event date: Saturday, January 23, 3 pm PST

A show of hanging scrolls and new digital drawings by Alizarin Goldflake will open on Saturday, January 23, at 3 pm PST in The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons.

This is a show of many Firsts. It is the Grand Opening of The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons, featuring RobertSteven Smythe (of Artemisia fame) as the curator. All of Alizarin's digital drawings are seen in Second Life for the first time. And also for the first time, all of the work inside the Conservatory will be available in Real Life at http://www.marthavista.com/dayfornightshow.htm/.

Centerpiece of the digital drawing installation on the second floor, the "Day for Night Series" consists of scripted images that change their time of day before the viewer's eyes. These four variations on a an image are of a summer cottage overlooking a wildflower meadow, with a glimpse of the ocean in the distance. They come from a RL series of digital monoprints in which the black & white drawing is constant throughout the two dozen prints, while the color is unique to each individual print. The four scripted drawings are accompanied by a selection of four new non-scripted images.

Alizarin's hanging scrolls are on display downstairs (also outside in the park as wind-interactive banners). These scrolls represent an RL direction that is recent for the artist and uses a creative approach she discovered in Second Life. The physical presentation of the collages was inspired by Japanese art, specifically paintings which are displayed as hanging scrolls called kakejiku.

Lastly, Alizarin's popular "Metempsyche's Garden" graces a frozen pond outside where skaters can skate and mingle with the giant white particle drawings blowing in the SL wind.

Alizarin Goldflake
Studio: Atelier Alizarin

http://www.marthavista.com (RL art)

I make several different kinds of art in SL. My main form is Immersive Art, so-called because the viewer is meant to enter the work either by avatar or camera. The art is made of nested prims, digital textures, and scripts. Many of the builds have poses and sounds in them. The point of the art is the kaleidoscopic interaction of the textures, as well as the different moods expressed in the pieces. Some of the sculptures emit extra-large particles, which are actually highly-detailed digital drawings.

The RL Digital Drawings are done just like traditional drawings except that I use digital tools, including a software program called Corel Painter 11 and a pressure-sensitive digitizing tablet and stylus. As I draw, the tablet and stylus electronically translate the motions of my hand into strokes that look as though they were made with the drawing tool I have selected (charcoal pencil or pastel, for example). I see these strokes occurring real-time on my monitor. Jpgs of the very large drawings are imported at 1024x1024 into SL.

2-D Digital Collages are made in RL based on a creative approach I discovered making art in SL. The approach is called process art, and the main characteristic of it is the fact that the end result is not envisioned at the beginning but arises spontaneously from the process of combining and composing visual elements.

Musical Kinetics are a collaboration between artist Alizarin Goldflake and musician Flivelwitz Alsop. The series was inspired by the art and music of five Asian countries: China, Japan, India, Tibet, and Mongolia. Amazingly, the complex compositions were all created with the little 10 second sound loops that SL allows. Walk up close to each piece to activate the music. These pieces are essentially 3-D collages using textures, scripts, and particles.

Kinetic Sculpty Art is 3-D art made from sculpty line drawings embellished with particles and scripted textures.

Regardless of the form. each piece of my art comes from and is intended to share an experience of visual , emotional, and spiritual intensity.


RobertSteven Smythe has been involved the Second Life art scene as a supporter of the arts and curator at Bissorte Marina and Artemisia. He has been responsible for bringing exhibitions to SL such as "The Collector," an exhibition of Sichel Seifert's Second LIfe Collection of art by SL greats elros Touminen, Glyph Graves, Starax, Lightwaves, GoldFlake, and many others. "The Entertainer," an exhibit of White Lebed's sculptures of musicians, was set to a musical animation presentation. An earlier show, "MesmerEyes: Alizarin's Visions," exhibited for the first time her spectacular sculpture "Flutter," an interpretation of the Japanese Taira Clan crest.

About The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons

Robert is very proud of the Art Conservatory designed by Tasha Kosotolany. This is an intimate gallery where Art Meets the Environment. The first floor gardens surround the art to create the elegance of a gallery and the freshness of a conservatory. This gallery's expert staff handles artists and guests with a one-of-a-kind kid-glove approach. It offers all exhibiting artists a full staff ready to assist in making the exhibition an event to remember. Technical Director Meagan Thespian handles scripting and sim mainenance, as well as assisting artists with scripting simple vendors. She also checks all scripts for efficiency. Our Director of Design, Tasha Kostolany, will create special landscapes for artists' sculpture in our large open green space outside the conservatory. Her design of the Art Conservatory was the inspiration for Smythe to come out of retirement to be the art director/curator at Sapphos Commons.

Marlena Poliatevska, CEO of Sapphos Commons and owner of the Gowers Sim, has developed a beautiful residential sim fashioned after the town of Truro which is in the county of Cornwall in south-western England. She started the building of the village in 2007. It has become a coveted place for residents, who enjoy the celtic/english atmosphere of the sim.

January 9, 2010

Art Challenge


Call for Artists!

Erato of Caerleon is having another Imagine Create Challenge. This time the challenge is to create a work of art that uses no texture.

Here are the rules:

1. You may either use the Default texture, transparent texture, white transparent or Blank texture on your work. You may use color and shine and transparency.

2. The maximum size of your piece is 10×10m foot print. Your piece may be taller than 10m

3. You may use a maximum of 40 prims.

4. Only low lag scripts may be used (as determined by our script police)

5. All work must be submitted to Sabrinaa Nightfire by midnight on Friday, February 12, 2010.

The management reserves the right to not show any piece that we determine is inappropriate for this show.

This will be a judged show with a panel of judges determining the first, second and third place entries.

The show will open at 1pm slt on Sunday, February 21, 2010.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact me, Sabrinaa Nightfire.


The show will be located somewhere in the Erato of Caerleon sim.

November 14, 2009

Hallelujah Azul Art Walk, Nov. 14 - Nov. 30

Nov. 14 - Nov. 30

Location: Hallelujah Azul (184, 222, 23)

Opening Party: Saturday Nov. 14, 6:00 PM SLT

The Hallelujah Azul Art Walk is an open-air exhibition featuring 15 artists from across the grid and throughout the world. Media include RL painting, photography, and collage, enhanced SL photography, SL sculptural builds, and others.

The opening party at 6:00 on Saturday evening will feature live musical performances by Rara Destiny, Raspbury Rearwin and Squidfisher McMillion streaming from their performances at Hallelujah's live music venue, Kasbah.

Artists include:

Daire Aeon
Sasha Bazilinski
Bayley Boucher
Therese Carfagno
Amarynth Emmons
Bobbi Laval
Skarat Lefebvre
Lingual Markus
nessuno Myoo
Lubnatsi Papp
Juliete3d Quinzet
Sistagrlro Wei
Nevar Whitfireld
Clementine Whitt
Dorothy Urvilan

Hallelujah Azul is a "small town" sim with 16 shops, a coffee house, a live music venue, and residential parcels. Please come and enjoy.

For further questions, IM Gwendolyn Bieler in world, or email gwenbieler@gmail.com

October 18, 2009

VAA Artists at Burning Life 2009

"Spikes, My Friend"

A collection of sculpture by ArtCrash Exonar
Location: Burning Life-Paiute (202, 21, 24)


"Haiku SpeedBuild at Burning Life 2009"

Location: Burning Life-Limbo (201, 198, 24)

Display of the fabulous Haiku SpeedBuild contest!!
Great builds done with 50 or less prims in 50 minutes are on display with haiku poems. Thirteen builds will be rotated through the week. The Burning Life Special Edition of the Haiku SpeedBuild will take place on Friday October 23 rd at 6PM SLT (must have building permissions to participate)

See you there!!
- Special Jewel

The weekly SpeedBuilds take place at: Afar (225, 121, 608)


"Bringing Water to the Desert"

by Alizarin Goldflake and Rezago Kokorin
Location: Burning Life-Nightingale (26, 98, 25)

With everything in flames in the hot, dry desert, we thought it might be handy to have a great big tank of water at Burning Life, so we are contributing an aquarium. Come on in and take a cool, freshing swim with one of the pose balls. Right click on the giant fish to go for a ride. Look for the mysterious vanishing blue jelly fish. Sit on the rocks and relax as the diatoms drift down around you and the seaweed gently waves.
(Warning: mind how you walk near the clam!)


"FreeWee's Lost Planet"

by FreeWee Ling
Location: Burning Life-Limbo (113, 212, 24)

FreeWee's Lost Planet is an abstract installation that is an expression of substance within the apparent void. The desert landscape is thought to be dessicated and lacking in life energy. But it is in fact full of motion and change and interesting surprises for those who take the time to look carefully. Some of those surprises are beautiful. Others are dangerous. Some are both.

The landscape of the installation features waves of cubist terrain. These objects lay beneath the surface and are affected by the wind. If the wind is strong they will be bent over and invisible above the surface, exposing certain creatures who live at thet level. But when it becomes calm, they extend into the desert space expressing themselves, but hiding the secrets below.

These objects also appear to be made of the eroded desert terrain, but if you stand on the parcel and have your media player running, you will see them, as well as the surface of the entire BL sim, turn blood red with flecks of gold. The gold particles emerge slowly as you watch over time. This is a dynamic process (Iiberally stolen from AM Radio) that is slightly different for every visitor. It begins again to create a new pattern if you step off the parcel or restart your media player.

FreeWee Ling is owner of Artemisia and the Galerie de la Vie. She is a member of the Caerleon Artists Collective and a creator of peculiar objects. Artemisia, Artemisia (202, 47, 2508)


"Burning Life Camp PhotoSLam!"

by Nova Dyszel
Location: Burning Life-Nightingale (200, 77, 24)

Hey there VAA friends, come visit my Burning Life Camp PhotoSLam!

A large Burning man display showing top photos and winners from the SL is Burning Photo Contest

The Icosago (20 sided) and 10 story photo tower, free for everyone to add their BL texture photos to all through Burning Life

p.s. check out my knit cozy porta potty


by Solo Mornington
Location: Burning Life-Double Hot (26, 151, 24)

In traditional 'karesansui' (lit: dry mountain water) gardens, the stones are arranged to represent land, with sand or gravel representing water.

In Second Life, all things are arranged to represent something else.

The theme of Burning Life 2009 is Evolution. I take evolution as a metaphor through which we can understand our own personal process of consciousness, whereby we can nurture what we need and be unafraid to leave behind the aspects that do not benefit us.

The traditional Japanese dry garden gives us an opportunity to slow our though process and make room for joy and beauty and peace. It's my hope that this untitled Burning Life build will provide festival-goers with a similar opportunity.

-- Solo Mornington October 17, 2009


"Game of SLife"

by Wick Umino
Location: Burning Life-Fly (54, 183, 24)

Short description:
From a random initial pattern, observers will see the population constantly change with each generation. Please feel free to make your way up the ramps and stairs to the observation deck and watch for emergent patterns across the globe.

Longer description:
There are numerous examples in nature of self-organization and the emergence of order from disorder: From the origins of life to pattern formation in development (e.g. the appearance of zebra stripes), the creation of flocking behaviours and social structures. Within these types of systems, patterns can be seen to emerge, even from an apparently random configuration, simply based on the local interactions between system components.

The Game of sLife is one example of a self-organizing system. It is a globe sculpture comprised of 240 individual metal plates that act as a cellular automaton. The color of each plate is determined by the simple rules that it holds with its neighbours. These rules are loosely based on those found in nature:

Any live cell (blue plate) plate with fewer than two live neighbours dies (turns green)
Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies
Conditions for growth:
Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours becomes a live cell.

From a random initial pattern, observers will see the population constantly change with each generation. Please feel free to make your way up the ramps and stairs to the observation deck and watch for emergent patterns across the globe.

For more information on the Game of Life:



"A Circle of Friendship and Friendliness!"

by Yoa Ogee
Location: Burning Life-12 Mile (214, 132, 24)

Friends are everywhere!

Daily find-new-friends meetings at 3 PM!

Click them!
These different friends are whispering wise thoughts about friendliness and friendship.
So, move near to their mouth (less than 10 m) and click them, to hear (read) a wise thought, let them whisper in your ear and enjoy!

Yoa Ogee

(They will change their quotations every 31,415926 hours... ca... the exactness depends on my rounding pi phobia. )

Quotations by:
Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Alexander Solschenizyn
Anaïs Nin
Andreas Lietzow
Anthony Yeboah
author unknown
Barbara A. Billings
C.S. Lewis
Charles Caleb Colton
Charles Mildway
D.T. Gentry
Dale Carnegie
Danish proverb
Dave Matthews Band
Donna Roberts
Elbert Hubbard
Eleanor Roosevelt
Frank Harris
Friedrich Nietzsche
Heinz Haber
Henry Ford
Ingeborg Bachmann
Jacques Delille
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
John Greenleaf Whittier
Kahlil Gibran
Karl Jaspers
Kermit the Frog
Len Wein
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Martin Buber
Meike Duch
Norman Mailer
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Philip Rosenthal
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thomas Alva Edison
Victor Frankl
Yeti Bing
Yoa Ogee

September 20, 2009

Opening today: "The Tunguska Event"

When: 1pm SLT, September 20th
Where: Cetus (209, 215, 22)

Oberon Onmura's new sim-wide installation recalls the Tunguska Event, a powerful explosion which occurred over the Siberia area of Russia on June 30, 1908. The explosion knocked over an estimated 80 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers (830 square miles).

"Although the cause of the explosion is the subject of debate, it is commonly believed to have been caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5–10 kilometers (3–6 miles) above the Earth's surface." (source: Wikipedia)

I attended an early showing and found it to be quite an experience. Oberon has placed a number of special seats in the installation which give one a view from high in the air.

A quiet night......

....then suddenly the shockwave hits.
(watch for falling trees)

"This artwork was made possible by curator Zachh Cale, who also wrote a new piano piece just for this opening. He will perform that piece live at 1:30."

August 7, 2009

DynaFleur Redux

The Return of the DynaFleur
Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield with Dizzy Banjo-music and sound

Officially opening to the public on August 8th, 2009, the piece may be visited in Second Life at the following location:

After an absence of nearly 8 months, the popular and beloved DynaFleur immersive art installation has returned to Second Life. Spanning an entire sim high above the Victorian-themed Caledon Kintyre, DynaFleur is the kind of experience that truly is possible only in Second Life.

Read more here: http://dynafleurreturns.blogspot.com/

July 28, 2009

Celebrate the Creative Spirit

TejanoTech, the newly established virtual home of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) which is quickly becoming a vibrant center of interdisciplinary and culturally situated STEM education in Second Life (SL) invites you to celebrate the creative spirit.

Come explore fully integrated examples of 2D and 3D virtual art across different areas of TejanoTech. Artists involved in this development include Cepheus Ceriano, Gary Kohime, Cogito Ultsch, and UTSA Artist in Residence and VAA artist Misprint Thursday.
Brackish Gears installation

Misprint has developed a site specific installation that makes use of the river that travels north and south in the sim. Her installation is called Brackish Gears. Brackish Gears is a public and personal celebration of the inventive mind. The main image used in the piece ia a sketch drawing by her father. She recently found a series of invention drawings in her father's old belongings. Before finding and deciding to use the sketch drawings, Misprint already had some ideas in mind for the river piece about the idea of brackish water-the salt water mixed with the fresh. Misprint shares:

“As I tinkered with ideas I worked with some gear sculpties in the water-sort of thinking of this river as the power source that could drive the creative process. The river became as a muse. Once I discovered my father's sketches I knew I had to include them in this piece to represent and celebrate this story of the dreamer, the inventor, and the creative spirit.”

The show opens Wednesday July 29th 2-4 SLT. You can join the celebration by teleporting to TejanoTech here: