December 17, 2006

Group Minutes- 12/17/06

Hey guys!

For those of you who don't want to crawl out of bed on Sunday mornings (or evenings... or afternoons...) i've decided to post the meeting minutes here so everyone can get involved, even if they can't make it!

This first post covers the first two meetings:

Topic: Meetings and gatherings, and other such events

It has been decided that the Virtual Artist Alliance will officially meet once a week in the Blekinge Sculpture Park owned by Rezago Kokorin. Sundays at 10am PST will be the usual time, but this occasionally may be subject to change. Everyone is welcome to hold unofficial meetings with one another at any time to discuss, debate, and plan things (if it's something you want to run by us, be sure to take notes and throw them my way!). If you have an idea for an event or want to help out with any of the current goings-on, feel free to ask- help is always appreciated!

Additionally, we're going to *try* to hold small-scale events once a month, and larger events and gatherings once every three months.

Topic: Identity

Our primary prerogative here in the VAA is to make the arts more accessible for the public, both in RL and SL. We're also establishing ourselves as a non-profit group who raises money for various charities (so far we're leaning towards arts-education). Finally, we're a social medium for virtual and digital artists and art enthusiasts to discuss, create, and promote art.

We currently have a logo in the works- it is extremely rough right now, but it's coming along very nicely- we should have a finished or nearly finished product by early January. It would be ready sooner, but with the holidays rolling around, i fully expect our members to concentrate on their first lives :)

Topic: Newsletter and Blog

You're looking at it... but it needs some pushing along, as you can see.

We're ALWAYS looking for writers on various topics... damn near ANY art related topic, in fact. We'd like to focus mainly on SL, but if you have some news in RL that just HAS to be read by the people, we'll put it in here, too :) If you've found an outstanding place in SL that you'd like to share but don't want to write about it, feel free to shoot it by the editor, Cyanide Seelowe (that's me) and I'll take a look at it. Yep... i just referred to myself in the first and third person simultaneously... your newsletter is in good hands :D

I can't stress enough how we would LOVE to have more writers for the blog... so if you're interested, contact Rezago Kokorin, and he'll invite you to contribute :D In terms of format, we're pretty loose in these parts... as long as you can write goodly, you're perfect for the job.

Topic: Upcoming Events

Oh boy oh boy! I'm excited about what we have cooking! XD All of the following events are in their planning stages, so if you have ideas or want to help out, just let us know!

Our first charity event will be a sculpture contest/silent auction. So far, we've decided that the event will be a week long, and the theme will be "snow and ice sculpture". The sculptors will create the pieces in front of wandering spectators who will have the opportunity to bid on the sculptures being created. Personally, i think the event has the potential to be a HUGE success... more updates to come!

The second event that we're planning is in conjunction with our sister group, the Feral Artists of Blekinge- the Feral Art Exchange. Here, people will have the opportunity to bring unfinished sculptures (or create the beginnings of news ones) and swap them with their fellow artists to see what we can come up with! This will be an excellent opportunity to meet sculptors from around SL and to be apart of a giant, living creative process! Details coming soon!



Cyanide Seelowe
Virtual Artist Alliance