January 25, 2008

Recent events

Resurrection of the VAA Artist Building Sessions

Video by Magellan Egoyan
Machinima clip of a gathering of virtual artists in Second Life experimenting with reactive sculptures - objects which change color, size or shape in response to an avatar's proximity

I hosted a number of these last year and have started them up again, every Tuesday night at 6pm SL time at this location.

I'd like to thank Magellan for his video and commentary of the event, as still images do a poor job of capturing the dynamic nature of the scripted objects we were experimenting with.

In the next session, on the 29th, we will be further exploring what can be done with these Reflexive Architecture scripts, as they are called. The original scripts can be found on here on The Arch website. Their inworld location is the Gallery of Reflexive Architecture: by Keystone Bouchard.

- Rezago Kokorin

VAA Haiku Speed Building

The Virtual Artist Alliance in collaboration with the Shin Tao Haiku Retreat is proud to present the weekly Haiku Speedbuild!

This was our fourth event, held in the north end of Blekinge Sculpture Park. This is another weekly event, held every Thursday night at 6pm SL time. Additional pictures and more in-depth writing of this and past events can be found on Cyanide Seelowe's blog.

The theme of each speed build is a haiku from which the contestants create whatever imagery it inspires in them, with 50 minutes allowed for building. The builds from each event remain on display throughout the week until the eve of the next event.

The haiku for this event was:

What remains unseen
When you break the whole to bits
Are the holes between

-Yvonne Aburrow

Jeanni Nishi's interactive kinetic build was drawing attention well before time was up. It allows one to become part of sculpture, flying and orbiting around it.

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