June 11, 2007

Hat as Sculpture

written by Cyanide Seelowe

After one month of grueling preparation on both the curator and the artists' part, the Awesome Hat Exhibit had an extremely successful opening reception on Sunday, June 9th at the Virtual Artist Alliance Gallery!

With a fashion show that featured the artists dressed as mannequins to model their hats, imaginations were explored, artistic doors were opened, and the crowd was wowed by the variety and obscurity of the sculptural headgear the artists had to present.

A garden party followed where the artists and patrons mingled to gaze in awe and engage in conversation about the hats, as well as share unique fashion accessories and advice with each other.

Among the patrons to attend the event was Siya Suen, master mask maker and milliner of Second Life. She owns Illusions, the Isle of Masks, which is a rather large corner of Second Life complete with gardens, meeting areas, and places to buy Miss Suens masterful masks and hats. Check them out, and be sure to visit the Awesome Hat Exhibit through the months of June and July!


ninsve said...

You really did a great job arranging the event, Cyanide, and the exhibitions looks beautiful. I'm so impressed with you! Thanks for doing this for the joy of all of us!

Jackie! said...

Thank you Belle! that means a whole lot coming from you :D