August 15, 2008

The 24/24 Building Challenge

At the last Haiku speedbuild the idea of having a 24 hour long contest came up and took root. The basic idea is that you will have 24 hours to build and a 24 prim limit to work with. Now the contest area is ready to go! There is a notecard giver at the arrival point where the voting board is. I'll post its contents below.

The contest begins on August 16th at 6pm SL time. Come and claim a pad now! (buy for L$0)

Location: Blekinge Sculpture Park


In this contest a haiku will be used as the theme. You will have a 24 prim limit and 24 hours in which to build an object or scene which represents the imagery or feel of the haiku. This contest is similar to our weekly event.

There are two building areas, each containing 12 pads, just to the east and west of the arrival point.

August 16 - the 24 hour period of building begins at 6pm SL time.
The the theme will be announced and posted at the contest area, and you will be able to begin building.
August 17 - building ends at 6pm SL time. Voting begins (a voting board will be in place).
August 18 - Voting ends at 6pm SL time. The winners will be announced and prizes awarded shortly thereafter. Everyone's builds will be kept on display until the evening of the 21st.


To enter, go to the contest area and claim one of the 5 x 5 meter building pads by buying it for L$0.

You may claim a building pad at anytime before and during the contest.

Your build must stay within the bounds of your pad, but with no height limit.

The prim limit is 24.

All prims must be new and not taked from inventory.

No giant prims.

You may use any textures and scripts that you have.

You may use particles and sculpties. When using particles please keep them confined to the neighborhood of your pad so as not to intrude on anyone else's area.

You may work together as a team on a single build if you wish. If you do so, please IM me (Rezago Kokorin) with the names of the team members. Prize money will be split among the team.

It isn't necessary for you to be at the contest area at the 6pm start time if you're unable to make it or have heard about the contest after it has begun. You may enter at anytime before the building period ends.

The winners will be chosen by popular vote.

1st place: L$1000
2nd place: L$500
3rd place: L$250

Please IM Rezago Kokorin if you have any questions.

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