August 7, 2008

VAA Haiku Speedbuild Results 7/31/08

Sunn Thunders 1st Place

Jeanni Nishi 2nd Place
Alizarin Goldflake 3rd Place

Visit the contest area to view the sculptures and
feel free to participate each Thursday night 6pm SLT!


Anonymous said...

Everyone is an artist these days, even those with no aesthetical feeling and clearly no training


Sunn Thunders said...

Everyone is a critic these days, even those with no aesthetic feeling and clearly no training...

Rezago Kokorin said...

I'd like to point out that this is a 50 minute building contest done for fun and improving one's skill at building. Its always interesting but there's no requirement that the results be considered as serious art. Also, everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their level of skill.