October 6, 2008

SUNRISE SUNSET Premiere and Open Studio

Location: Huntsman (160, 18, 301)

An open studio and SL premiere for “Sunrise Sunset,” Alizarin Goldflake's latest Immersive art creation, will take place on Sunday, October 12, 1- 3 pm PDT . As the viewer dances through the meadow of wildflowers or quietly contemplates the rising and setting sun from a cushion, his or her avatar becomes the centerpiece that completes the sculpture. Singing crickets, a hooting owl, and a calling osprey augment the warmth and peace of the build with evocative natural sounds. Thistledown blows on the SL wind, and on the dark side, there are spiders hidden in the grass. Alizarin will be present during the event.

The textures in this build are adapted from an RL digital drawing done with Corel Painter and a Wacom digitizing tablet and stylus. Installed as 3-D, the effect is like sitting inside the mind of the artist. The build also incorporates particles (drawn by the artist) and sounds, scripts, and an animation (made by others and modified by the artist).

Viewers are invited to enjoy the rest of the work in the Sky Studio. A Midnight environment settings is recommended, and the work is intended to be explored from many different angles by camera or avatar. Many of the pieces have a sit or float animation activated by a right click.. The TPs (brightly-colored cubes on the walls) connect to the first floor (2-D digital art and selected sculptures), the second floor (RL digital drawings), and The Particularium on the third floor. Atelier Alizarin is always open to the public, and visitors are welcome anytime.

Alizarin has been a RL professional visual artist for a long time. She shows in several prominent RL galleries, and her work is included in many RL museum, corporate, and private collections.


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sounds good I plan on basking in the glow

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