October 25, 2008


Cirque!, A World of Fun and Motion

This month’s exhibition at Galerie de la Vie is something that you will not want to miss. Misprint Thursday and Jeanni Nishi have designed an entire environment around a playful, colorful and interactive world of Cirque! The collaborative work combines fantasy and emotion that will have you remembering what it was like to be a child all over again. Come play with us, ride atoms on a string, hang and dance on ribbons suspended above the floor, be mesmerized by intricate sculptures and let your imagination be captivated by color and motion. Brought to you by the residents of Artemisia the opening gala begins at 1 pm on Sunday October 26th. This day will hold many surprises including a mystery treasure hunt.

Misprint Thursday is an artist in RL and SL. Her work in SL focuses on creating a unique experience through creative content that includes, photography, sculpture, sound and web based media. In SL her direction is shifting to content which is created primarily in world. She "frames" the content of her work with the photographs and machinima of the sculptural installations. Fond of physics and spontaneity, Misprint brings minor hazards to the art world and openly suggests that she brings a sense of humor to her exhibits.

Jeanni Nishi came to SL in February of 2007, and one of the first places she visited was Blekinge Sculpture Park, which is managed by Rezago Kokorin. There she came across sculptures by elros Tuominen, Cheen Pitney, Rezago, Sunn Thunders, and Sasun Steinbeck. The pieces astounded her with their beauty. “I loved how the artists utilized the special capabilities of SL”, she said. She discovered the famous Oyster Bay and spent many hours there considering the works of Dale Innis, Juria Yoshikawa, Madcow Cosmos and others. Jeanni spent many years in RL involved in commercial art as an art director and illustrator. Since that time she moved on to other vocations. According to her, “Second Life now provides an impetus to get back to creative work.”

When asked about their work together, Misprint said, “The collaboration has enhanced my Second Life art making experiences because I got to learn some new skills through Jeanni. She introduced me to Qavimator-the free pose and animation program. Through this new information I was able to create some custom poses for the interactive sculpture and this has been exciting.” Jeanni responded, “She (Misprint) and I both enjoy the play of patterns and light, and neither of us tend towards literal interpretations or realistic builds. We both enjoy incorporating scripts and movement, including avatar movement. Working together in a collaborative project was an exciting premise. Who knew what we could do together? Misprint comes from more of a fine arts background than I do, and even talking to her about what we were doing expanded my sense of what it could mean to be an artist in SL. Her addition of sound to art has provided food for thought and I am considering exploring this in the future.”

Cirque! brings together the talents of two great SL artists. Their collective talents create an exhibition that will delight everyone, art critics, art lovers, art collectors and anyone who wants to remember what it was like to be a child all over again---the innocence of exploration, wonder and fantasy. Don’t miss Cirque! at Galerie de la Vie in Artemisia. The residents of Artemisia proudly sponsor this and all events that come to the gallery. Opening also this night is the new Artemisia Living with Art Annex. You will see works of art from past exhibitions and from Artemisia residents. This evening will prove to be an unforgettable adventure. Please join me, RobertSteven Smythe, curator of the gallery and the Residents of Artemisia in presenting Misprint Thursday and Jeanni Nishi in Cirque.