December 27, 2008


"The nightbloom rewards patience with it's hidden beauty..."
—Solo Mornington, artist and creator of Nightbloom

As described by Solo, the nightbloom is a rare species of sculptural flora discovered on the desert playa of Burning Life 2008. It currently has a safe home at the Man-A-Hatta Gallery through December 31.

"The nightbloom blooms at night, and dies in the morning. It then begins growing again in the evening, with another bloom soon to come after dark. This cycle continues indefinitely into the future and past, perhaps longer than you've been around, and perhaps long after you're gone."

Observers who patiently experience the full life cycle are rewarded with a bit of the nightbloom's energy... —Sunn Thunders

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Solo Mornington said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Sunn. After the Man-A-Hatta show hosted by the gracious Oberon Onmura, the Nightbloom wandered back to its home on Farstone sim: