December 28, 2008

Thorns in the Velvet

Mesmerizing movement, color, and sound will capture your imagination at NMC's Ars Simulacra, which is hosting Glyph Graves's "Thorns in the Velvet" art exhibit now through the end of January 2009. Innumerable kinetic sculptures fill the island with vibrance from the water to the sky. In Glyph's words, the exhibit reflects his "fascination with transformation in colour, space, and sound."

Bring a picnic basket, a blanket, and a close friend, then sit on a hillside and soak in the beautiful hues and motions of these wonderful sculptures. —Sunn Thunders

Pictured below: a digital blend of Glyph Graves's "Odd Spiral Glass" and "Cube3 Soundscape3"

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