April 1, 2007

Balloon Festival at Oyster Bay - Launch Day!

- by Rezago Kokorin

The collection of balloons on the waterfront at Oyster Bay as been growing all week. Today (April 1st), spectators were able to watch them take of and fly across the bay. There are two launches scheduled today. The first was at noon and the other will be at 5pm SL time.

There are a draw-dropping variety of balloons on display: conventional shaped ones, abstract designs, sea creatures, and one rather large skull balloon. This was the scene just before launch.

I build and piloted one of the balloons (the green & blue with Celtic designs) and it was a wild ride, what with dealing with lag, navigation, communication, various IMs and taking pictures - and the hazards of sim crossings when flying vehicles. Things went well considering all that. My balloon poofed before I even made it across the bay but I was able to re-rezz it and get back in the air.

We flew north across the bay, west across several sims and back again. Once we were away from the concentration of people at the launch site things went much smoother.

All those who completed the course through the various sims returned and landed back at Oyster Bay. As I write this its about three hours before the 5pm launch. If you missed the first one, get over there!

Art at Oyster Bay Aquarium, Oyster (38, 173, 82)

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