April 8, 2007

Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar's first exhibit in SL

- by Plurabelle Posthorn
The Vanbeeck Gallery in the Cetus Gallery District is pleased to announce its newest show - Dichotomy. This new show will feature the brilliant and mesmerizing color works of Josina Burgess and introducing the soft subtle tones of
Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar.The show will be open for 2 weeks.

Petr Vanbeeck
opended the exhibition.

I was invited by Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar because we
befriended some time ago. He was quite newborn then. He promised to invite me when he was to have his first exhibition in SL, which he did, today. Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar's paratar is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, in Austria. You'll find his blogs/websites HERE, HERE and HERE.
Gerd was so kind to tell me a litle about the works he is showing at The Vanbeeck Gallery right now.

Plurabelle: it's one technique you are using here?
Gerd: yes, the technique is acrylic colors with cast resin in parts
PP: have you used some computer technique to prepere the motives?
Gerd: yes. i took photos and reworked them in photoshop, then i painted it and changed it again a little. i changed the gradation curves until it looked like i wanted it to look like
Gerd: i mostly work from photos. i also do creamics and sculptures from time to time. at the moment i make installations, and i'm planning to move into a studio around here in may or so
PP: installations in SL..
Gerd: not yet, but i'm thinking of it already. it would be much more handy to use..., and its easier to store the stuff i can produce here, :)

PP: is all that you're doing part of your education?
Gerd: it's more what u choose to do. as an art student you can do anything you want. thats great in a way..., but you're always forced to know what you want

PP: do you have a particulare theme in the paintings you show here?
Gerd: yes. i'd say the paintings here are a lot about the question what is reality. they are inspired by infrared pictures as well as by hallucinations, or some shift in perception
PP: discussing reality is a large issue... any specific theories you're fond of?
Gerd: oh i'm interested in a few theories, like mediatheory. systemtheory of niklas luhmann
PP: i must have look around, but could you show me one of your works which shows this the best?

Gerd: let me see... maybe this one (image above) shows quite good the inspiration of the infrared thing, it shows a view of a surveillance camera in a mall. of course its not the real view, but its the perspective from above and i was thinking of some kind of gaze that is going right through you

Gerd: maybe this one (picture above) shows the inspirational part of the hallucinations best
PP: but by hallusinations, do you mean some hallusinations you've had yourself?
Gerd: oh yes i had a few
PP: not doing drugs i hope... (Plurabelle's getting a litle moralistic...)
Gerd: i also had/have probs with depression from time to time
PP: lsd
Gerd: i tried mushrooms once not lsd
PP: oh, have you tried the anti depressiva
Here went into a conversation of a more private character.
PP: but back to your art, how do you think all this influences on your art? i mean they look kind of optimistic when it comes to the colors at least
Gerd: oh yes i've heard that before. i wanted to have the paintings look like they are falling apart, falling apart in colors, they dissolve. reality dissolves in colors. and for me that can be optimistic too
PP: well, like the impressionists?
Gerd: somehow like the impressionists but maybe with a more mental component. my work is not that much about perception of the eye but of the brain, so that is a little bit about constructivism. i'm interested in what is real and what is constructed in our brains. and that is of course something that sl is about too
PP: they are rather harmonious, i guess that comes from good compositions
Gerd: oh maybe i'm just sensitive for color and form. and i'm a person that needs harmony in a way... so i might unconsciuosly tend to harmonize things
PP: well, that's good in the midst of dissolving everything
PP: but you've not gone totally abstract
Gerd: oh i really stick to telling some kind of stories. as far as i can remember i was never painting completely abstract. the motives vary a lot. but it is always what i can take easily. its a lot about what happens around me or what i just see
PP: but it's not from your private sphere
Gerd: not very much.
PP: more public places
Gerd: i have some photos that are quite private, but the paintings here are a little bit older, and i didn't use private themes way back then. the works shown here are from around 2003 and 2004
PP: you're not showing any of those here?
Gerd: not yet.
Gerd: but i'm planning to have my own studo in the new brick building over the river. in the first floor i want to have my studio

To the Ruttan Lane Galleries at Cetus: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cetus/218/93/32


Gerd Gerhard Loeffler said...

Hi there Plurabelle!
Thanks for coming to my 1st show in SL and for the article. I like it. And Btw: thanks for linking back to my sites - even though they are mostly in german. I'm working on a relaunched - english version included...

ninsve said...

Oh, that's nice. It's was a litle difficult to understand everything on your sites. My german seems to be a litle rusty.