August 18, 2007

Artist Self-Promotion

written by Cyanide Seelowe

Due to a surge of First Life activity and a general urge to be lazy before my latest school semester goes underway, I've been lax in my duties for Second Life. To make up for this, allow me to introduce to you (for the first time on the VAA blog, anyway...) the Artist Self-Promotion Website.

This website was created to address the problematic issue of Second Life being recognized only for its accomplishments in business, sex, and the extermination of gambling. What non-residents don't realize (and a disturbing number of active residents, as well) is that Second Life, just as any other culture on this earth, is supported by its art community. When I expressed my interest to further the exposure of the Second Life art community to Krystal Epic CEO Enniv Zarf, he jumped immediately on board and provided a webspace through which I could launch the project.

The website is bountiful with articles and insights in regards to the Second Life Art community, as well as a number of "how-to" articles that were written to help artists and gallery owners in Second Life better promote their content and expose it to the public. It is a free service to all who would venture to use it, and is open for user commentary in order to improve its content and make it more useful for everyone.


1 comment:

Magellan Egoyan said...

Cy, This is awesome! I finally took the time to go through the web site and read all the material, you've done a fantastic job!

Thanks for all the work on this!