May 2, 2007

at the Artisan Galleria Legacy Towers...

Plurabelle Posthorn writing...

Many of the exhibiting artists at the Artisan Galleria Legacy Towers, Bellatrix, is also members of our Virtual Artists Alliace group. I'm therefore allowing myself to announce a litle for the gallery here. Under you find the press release for an opening at the gallery May 8th at 6 PM SLT.
A lot of activities are planned in the gallery in the near future.

Press release:
Fading Away
An editorial photo exhibit by
Nature’s single greatest creation is the human form.
It is the perfect marriage of form and function. Symmetrical and fluid, the greatest of communicators. Without a word it, the body can announce our intentions. Shoulders back, head held high, chest thrust forward it tells us of courage and pride. A broad smile from a stranger and our own body reacts involuntarily and returns the smile, not a word spoken, but two lives enriched.
So we seek to improve on nature’s design. We engage in physical activity to supplant a society over flowing with convenience. We take care to ensure the food we put in our bodies is healthy and nutritious in a world of pizza and burgers. We pay vast sums to have cosmetic surgeons shape us to new and improved versions of the original. We ingest supplements and drugs and chemicals concoctions to push the body to greater heights, to a more profound homage to nature’s efforts.
The body is art in its purest form. Every angle and nuance a new experience. Incredibly diverse, each a staggering beauty in itself. Artists have worked to capture the essence of the soul through individual interpretation of what the eye experiences. We revere those with a gift to show us life in a still form.
Sinsaber Holgado is one of the best. In his hands, a camera becomes magic. Somehow, with the same simple device that all of us own, he transcends the media and captures the body and the life, eternally encapsulating a moment in time. His photos move and arouse us. We are struck dumb by the beauty of his subjects. We find inspiration and desire and the images lodge in our brains so that we might take them out in a quiet moment and relive the feelings.
And now, his pictures make us cry.
His camera is truth. It cannot be lied to. What happens when the quest goes wrong? When pursuit becomes obsession and perceptions distort? The goal is lost and the mind can longer see the results, but only focuses on a goal that can never be reached.
The body fades away.

Sinsaber's editorial photo exhibit will be open for a press preview on May 3rd at 6 PM SLT (PST), at the Artisan Galleria Legacy Tower #2 in Bellatrix. It will also feature accompanying poetry by Alejandro Matova. For more information, please contact Jordan Morgenrote of the Artisan Gallerias.
The exhibit opens to the public May 8th at 6 PM SLT, at the Artisan Galleria Legacy Towers in Bellatrix.

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