May 29, 2007

WindLight Redux

Windlight seems like it will arrive sooner than I expected. As with all art, learning how to work with the medium is what separates the good from the great! This first image is taken from 600+ meters over Svarga. You can see the sky is quite detailed, but the haze/land view is a uniform teal. The black is a sky platform that is hanging about up there if you've never been.

Current SL viewer

I decided to take a few pictures of a sunset I have seen a lot given it takes place over my in-world book site (under construction). Here is the current SL view skys.

First Look Viewer Of Same
Here is the same with the SL First look viewer. It is impressive, but somehow, less real. In any case, I'm looking forward to taming my skys and sharing them with others (only in SL).



Jackie! said...

the addition of windlight is definately a very exciting development for second life! if this keeps up, before we know it, we'll be jacking in...

Rezago Kokorin said...

Do you think that's air you're breathing?

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