May 29, 2007


by Rezago Kokorin

The WindLight First Look Viewer became available today and I just tried it out. Really, really awesome! Realistic looking clouds blowing across the sky, blue-grey misty mornings, golden sunsets.....

I went out to Bliss Basin, the most beautiful area I know of in SL, to look around and take some photos. Parts of it are already like being in a Maxfield Parish painting, and its even more so now. The sunsets there put me in mind of Rivendale, in MiddleEarth. I also visited the Lost Gardens of Apollo, another great SL beauty spot.

If you're a contributor to the blog and have tried out the new viewer, I encourage you to post some of your own photos.

In reviewing this post before sending it out I see that the photos I chose don't show a great deal of the actual sky. Its more than the sky, its the way the light makes everything look.

Really, try this out!

The Lost Gardens of Apollo:


Ansel Gasparini said...

Great job Rezago, I was about 20 minutes away from posting similar! Nice to see this technology incorporated so quickly.

Jackie! said...

your pictures are absolutely stunning! looks like you have a really pimped out system there... or is that just windlight in all it's glory?

Rezago Kokorin said...

Jackie, I think that's mostly the way Windlight is. I have a realitively new graphics card and monitor but my computer is several years old. Not on the cutting edge by any means.