May 25, 2007

Video Blog on the Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition at Chiaksan

- by Magellan Egoyan

As part of a developing interest in both blogging and video blogging, I have started to develop a series of video blogs on youtube that portray different aspects of Second Life as it relates to Real Life. My second effort along these lines is now available on the youtube site... it can be found by searching under the key words "second life kinetic sculpture" or through my usename on youtube, which is "mageEgo". The document is in two parts, called "Kinetic Sculptures in Second Life, part 1" and "Kinetic Sculptures in Second Life, part 2". The blog is not perfect, given the time constraints (and my still inadequate video editing skills) I was unable to include much information on the artists themselves, beyond a few individuals. Later on, as I get better, I shall have another try.

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