September 13, 2007

elros Tuominen - Second Life Artist

- by Magellan Egoyan

I had the privilege of interviewing elros Tuominen and preparing the fourth installment in the series Second Life Artist, following the earlier episodes on Rezago Kokorin, Plurabelle Posthorn and Cheen Pitney. Many of us know elros as a charming, delightful person via chat, but wait till you hear the warm tones of his voice! His ability to express himself gracefully loses nothing to his strong Basque accent, if anything, you will be still more seduced by the results.

I believe I may have discovered a natural ability in elros for teaching as well - he moves from one concrete example to another to illustrate the different points he makes about his work and the process of developing the fascinating ensemble of work that he has accumulated over the year he has been present among us. He tells us about using colour, making textures, the use of sculptie textures, and a variety of other topics.

Both elros and I had a wonderful encounter, and I believe the fun we found in each other's company shows in the video. The sculptures many of you know, but here you get to see many of them grouped together in time (although these represent only a fraction of the prolific production he has achieved). Many will be familiar, but almost certainly some will be new. elros is among the most generous of souls, and despite the fact that he sells his work, I think he may give away more of it then he sells! Furthermore, there are many other chords to his ark, far too many to be covered in a single 10 minute clip. In addition to his wonderful sculptures, elros makes Second Life jewelry and is a very fine poet. But that is another story, for another time...

The video may be found on youTube, here. Enjoy.