September 28, 2007

Tragedy at Burning Life

written by Cyanide Seelowe

Everyone saw it coming... we all KNEW that griefers were going to target Burning Life and come up with a cunning way to ruin someone's fun... but their recent attempts on the Playa were far more tragic and devastating than anyone could have imagined.

It is to my understanding that a group of griefers came up with a way to returns all indescriminate "Objects" to their owners, or delete them... i'm unfortunately not savvy on the details... but I will tell you that more than 80% of the Floating Rivers installation is now gone, and the carnage that surrounds our small plot of Burning Life resembles that of a zombie flick-- desolate, empty and unsettlingly serene.

Burning Life Builder Good2 Go mourns the abrupt departure of his
build, reminiscent of Buddhist monks from the Vietnam war.

We understand that the whole point of Burning Life, and its parent festival Burning Man is the impermanence of art... but this is a terrible way to say goodbye.

Nevertheless, there are still human spirits attached to these virtual avatars, and the last time i checked, the human spirit was indomitable-- we will persevere, and we will make a come-back.

Gone... all gone.

Good2 Go in a better mood, but still aflame :D