September 23, 2007

Leaves Of Light / Enclume - A Collaborative Installation

- by Magellan Egoyan

Last Thursday saw the simultaneous RL and SL launching of the Leaves of Light / Enclume Installation. This installation proposes a "church of light" as a space designed to harbour and promote the music of Alain Leblond, a Quebec City based composer. The result of a collaboration between myself, Jeanni Nishi and Pandora Wake, the building was conceived as an attempt to exalt the spirit through the use of light, color and subtle motion. This is combined with the powerful organ music of Alain Leblond, the original inspiration for the installation, and in particular a composition called Enclume (or Anvil in English). The cathedral features stained glass compositions by Pandora Wake of the four elements, earth, water, air and fire, and evocative kinetic sculptures created by Jeanni Nishi for this event and seen here for the first time (see image below). Technical assistance for the media support has been provided by Ringuard Cuirard and Nocturne Writer. The cathedral itself was constructed by myself, but some of the textures were provided by Jeanni, while the rotating sky is an original creation by Pandora Wake.

Visitors to the installation called the space "serene", "a beautiful and unique structure", and "meditative". Clearly, although the images give a sense of the site, the installation delivers a multisensory experience that must be felt directly. Like the Rezago Kokorin and Sunn Thunder's project, The Abyss, this is the result of a collaboration between several artists. We are hoping to see more collaborative installations within Second Life - the environment favours such collaborative projects. The Burning Life event is certainly one way to promote such efforts - individual installations such as The Abyss or Leaves of Light are another.

To visit the installation in world : Leaves of Light, Wetas (72, 110, 635)