September 4, 2007

New Second Life Geography Machinima Clip

- by Magellan Egoyan

Although my geography machinima videos are of less direct interest to a VAA audience, I must admit that one of my reasons for developing these was a market ploy - to increase the audience that watches the artist machinima clips I've been producing, via a spillover effect. And, to be quite frank about this, this is indeed working. There is clear evidence that the viewing audience for the machinima clips focussed on artists has increased by a factor of about a third over what it would have been, in the absence of the Geography clips. Which is, I suppose, a comment on the effectiveness of marketing for the promotion of artistic work.

So I am pleased to announce the delivery of my second Second Life Geography machinima clip, this one focused on the twenty sims that form the region that was originally Second Life. For your viewing pleasure, you will find it on youTube here.