July 6, 2007

More about this thing called 1st Life

I can't take credit for the image. Here is the link to the original post.
I'm uncertain about this "First Life" game. The claim that there is no server lag is doubtful at best, especially given the number of residents listed. Maybe this is that "offworld" place that I sometimes see mentioned when things of mine are returned to my Lost & Found. (?)

- Rezago


Jackie! said...

i visited that sight a few times and even gave First Life a trial run.

First Life is closer to a game of "The Sims" than Second Life is, in that you have to constantly maintain your hygiene and bodily needs, pay bills and go to work.

i'd give it a C+. the developers of First Life certainly have a good concept, but need to work on the execution.

Mura Tomsen said...

It's buggy, that First Life, I can tell you! The slightest error like falling down or bumping into a vehicle can lead to termination of your account. Because their programmers don’t arrive to implement even basic features they have invented ridiculous work around’s: Instead of “auto return” they have garbage collection – of course that doesn’t work proper, so they also have invented “pollution”. They don’t have proper flight zones – you need very complicated vehicles which regularly crash – again leading to termination of accounts and pollution. If you ask me: they still have a lot of work to do to make it a worthwhile place ;)