July 21, 2007

Origin's Music Rang True

Origin Rang did not merely give a good classical piano performance at Oyster Bay, he dazzled the crowd and left us speechless. In a live recital from Tokyo, Origin's fingers danced across the piano keys almost inhumanely fast and yet so exquisitely skilled. Incredibly, the longer Origin played, the better he got! The audience shared collective joy, tears, and disbelief at Origin's talent. Although commenting that his English was not too good, Origin's message came through loud and clear, and no translation was necessary. This man, simply put, is a masterful piano artist and his gift to us last night was pure and from the heart. You must drop everything you are doing the next time Origin plays anywhere in Second Life. —Sunn Thunders

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was the SL avi who recognized "his" performances as coming from a midi sequencer and the reason his sequencer has not been heard subsequently. It is a shame that real world artists in SL are challenged by such fraudulent shows.

Avian Merlin, avi no longer in SL unless or until SL allows former avatars back with the same name.