July 25, 2007

SLCC Art Exhibits

Looks like there will be an interesting mix of artists and art exhibits at this year's SLCC. Check out details here and here

Current list of participants:
Rachel Breaker - Drawings and Digital Art
Grimfiddle Dogpatch - Painting
Filthy Fluno - Abstract Narrative Drawing
Wade1 Jya - Painting
Gracie Kendal - Collage and Mixed Media
Spider Mycron - Mixed Media Collage
Tuna Oddfellow - Wandering Magician
Tap Quentin - SL Photography
Static Schultz -Mixed Media and Collage
Esch Snoats - Abstract Digital Print
Sonia Stardust - Comic Art

These people will be showing their artwork in the in-world portion of the art exhibit: (More to come)

Dancoyote Antonelli - Hyperformalism Manifestation
Shoshana Epsilon - SL Photography Portrait
Half Moxing - SL Photography with a Furry Focus
IanLee Patton - Drawings
Karen Schreiner - Digital Abstract
Juria Yoshikawa - Sculptures/Installation

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dai said...

Rachel Breaker is great.