July 6, 2007

Plurabelle Posthorn - Second Life Artist

Plurabelle's mountainside, seashore gallery in Trollhaugen.

I'm pleased to be the first to announce that Magellan Egoyan has finished and released the second of his series of interviews with SL artists. I hope that Magellan will continue doing these interviews as time permits. Be sure to send him a note of encouragement!

I met Plurabelle several months ago and it was quite interesting and a pleasure to listen to her tell about her work. I encourage you to go and see her work first hand (links are posted below).

- Rezago (posting something that is actually about art)

Link to the interview is here.

Plurabelle's gallery space
Artisan Galleria Legacy Towers, Tower 1, 4th floor.

Plurabelle Posthorn's Gallery ur, Trollhaugen
Showing Plurabelle Posthorn's own SL artworks, rl and SL artist friends, invited artists and works from her art collection.


Jackie! said...

i loved hearing Belle's voice! it was great to actually listen to her explain her work with my ears instead of my... internet type-reading mind :D

once again, Magellan does fascinating work! looks like he hit the ground running with this series :D

ninsve said...

Thanks a lot to Magellan for doing this. It's so generous of him to do this portrait series! I feel so honoured to be interviewed by him and to be given the chance to present some of my work. (The voice thing was a litle scary, but I survived...)

Lance said...

Yeah! Plurabelle rocks! So to glad to have gotten to know you, Plur.