March 19, 2007

Artisan Galleria Legacy Tower is opening, March 24

Jordan Morgenrote has put up her second gallery, an absolutely beautiful building and lovely space for exhibiting art, at Bellatrix. The construction is made by Muzicole Undertone. It's called Artisan Galleria Legacy Tower. She's planning even another tower nearby.
The first exhibition at Artisan Galleria Legacy Tower and official opening celebration is scheduled for Saturday March 24, 11 AM SLT.
There are 6 floors, and 7 artists: Jasmine Digital, Gracie Kendal, Rezago Kokorin, Lasla Mannock, Plurabelle Posthorn, Xzavier Taov and Elros Tuominen.

Landmark: Artisan Galleria at Bellatrix, Bellatrix (218, 217, 26)

Plurabelle Posthorn

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