March 20, 2007

A new Performance by Eva and Franco Mattes!

Go to Cosmos Island! Find this pile of stones and receive this notecard:

"Eva and Franco Mattes (a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG): "Joseph Beuys's 7000 Oaks"

This basalt stones and oaks are part of a performance by Eva and Franco Mattes a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG) consisting in the reenactment of Joseph Beuys' work called "7000 Oaks" . Beuys's project begun on March the 16th 1982, at Documenta 7, in Kassel. His plan called for the planting of seven thousand trees, each paired with a columnar basalt stone, throughout the world as part of a global mission to effect environmental and social change.

The Mattes reenactment begun in Second Life's Cosmos Island, where the first virtual tree and stone was planted on March the 16th 2007, exactly 25
years after the original oak got planted. The project will end once 7000 virtual
stones and trees will be placed all around Second Life.

This work is part of Eva and Franco Mattes series of "Synthetic Performances", reenactment of historical performances, by artists like Chris Burden, Vito Acconci and Marina Abramovic, in online Synthetic Worlds such as Second Life.

If you want to be part of this project contact Eva and Franco Mattes in-world (sending an IM to Pei Twang or Pei May), you will be given a Basalt Stone and an Oak tree which you can plant anywhere in SL. Note that the stone and the tree need to be planted in pairs.

For more info check:"

More about Eva and Franco Mattes syntetic performances (will be available later) HERE.
They are the artist behind "13 most beautiful Avatars".

About the original Beuys project HERE.

I have IMed them to get an oak tree or two... But they have 7000 of them! Get one you too, and be a part of their ongoing performance!

Oh, I just logged in again and have received my tree, and I met Pei Twang:

[15:01] Pei Twang gave you 7000 Oaks.
[15:00] Pei Twang: (Saved Tue Mar 20 22:53:13 2007) hi plurabelle! I left the tree and a stone in your inventory. Would be great to have the locations in which you put them to take photo documentation. let me know...ciao Pei/Eva
[15:03] Pei Twang: please pass the tree and stone to anyone you like

I asked Pei (picture to the right) how long she thought it would take before all the trees were planted.

Pei Twang: I think it'll take months
Pei Twang: the original performance went on for 5 years
Me: hm, yes, oh!
Pei Twang: we are not in a hurry :-)
Pei Twang: some peolple already asked to have a tree and stone to plant
Me: Can I copy the tree and stone as many times I like?
Pei Twang: yes!
Pei Twang: please try to make a record of how many you planted and where
Me: ok, so I will give you a message when I plant a new one?
Pei Twang: we are asking everyone to give us an idea of how many they put and where
Pei Twang: and we take photo documentation
Me: so, you will travell around to docoment it yourselves?
Pei Twang: yes we'll take photos of the places in which we are told there are a tree and stone planted
Pei Twang: and we are also making a video documentation
Pei Twang: with several locations
Me: ok, nice!
Me: I'm going to plant it in my two parcels
Pei Twang: let me know when you have it planted and i'll come to document
Me: sure!
Pei Twang: thanks for your contribution
Pei Twang: ciao
Me: fun to be part of it!
Me: ciao

Here's the tree planted on my parcel at Trollhaugen.

Plurabelle Posthorn

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