March 11, 2007

Listening to Art: A Journey Through Krystal Epic

written by Cyanide Seelowe

Multimedia experiences are abound throughout Second Life, but none are quite as beautiful, fluid, or unique as the ones that can be found in Enniv Zarf's PK Gallery.

When signing on in-world on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I was told about this place by the lovely Sasun Steinbeck. Since ignoring Miss Sasun is very much like ignoring a hurricane, I simply had to check it out :]

Immediate arrival into the PK Gallery is extremely promising, especially if you like classical and neo-classical music. Especially made for the gallery and its works, the beautiful and soothing movements of piano and cello surround you with haunting melodies that capture you and invite you to explore.

It is highly recommended that the Kystal Tour be taken- at a modest price of 25 Lindens that is put toward that land tiers that the gallery rests on, the Kystal Tour takes you to various rooms and landscapes that are made entirely of crystal. Coordinated to neo-classical piano, the swirling textures and the dancing light in each room promises to entrance you and may inspire you to do romantic things- so bring a date along, if you can :] each room can be visited after the tour so you can take a closer look at the inner workings of the Krystal Tour, and lounge upon custom-made crystal furniture.

On the main floor of the gallery awaits the Nine Tones exhibit, a series of 15 artworks that immerse you in a fantastic multimedia experience. As stated in the program notes for Nine Tones:

"The illustrations of Nine Tones are composed of basic strokes such as lines and dots as inspired by Chinese writing. They act as both the contents of the paintings as well as the rhythmic gestures of the music. The melodic/harmonic materials are derived from the Nine Tonal inflections of the Cantonese Language. The piece could be thought of as a sound rendering of the Cantonese language as understood through basic pen strokes."

Despite the minimal use of materials in each of the 15 works, it is a wonderful example of experiencing events as a whole as we watch smaller incidences come together.

In addition to the Krystal Tour and the Nine Tones exhibit, further exploration of the gallery will take you to several lounges with custom-made furniture by Enniv Zarf (available for purchase, like most of the works there). There is also an area where several rides are available for minimal fees- each in their own right a separate tour of the gallery, and will give you different perspectives of the place as a whole.

Overall, the PK Gallery is a truly immersive experience for your eyes and your ears, so don't miss it!

PK Gallery SLURL

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