March 25, 2007

Scripted Art

- by Rezago Kokorin

I’m hosting a discussion on the subject of scripted art and collaborations between artists who are primarily builders and those who are primarily scripters.

Some of the most interesting and striking art in SL includes the use of scripts, which brings virtual creations to life with things such as movement, sound, and interaction with the viewer. Also, things can be done which are difficult or simply impossible in real life. However, many people are not good at both building and scripting.

Sasun Steinbeck had some excellent thoughts of the subject which are recorded here Sasun Steinbeck at Oyster Bay.

Now, come and tell us YOUR thoughts on the subject. :) The meeting will take place at 5pm PDT, March 25th (today!) on a floating platform high over Blekinge Sculpture Park. Larsson (150, 236, 601)

Below are landmarks to the places pictured above. There are many people who's work should be included here. These are just a few examples.

Sasun's Morphing Sculpture

The work of Alain Talamasca

nand Nerd's Flexi Fun Flexible, scripted, geometric art

The art of Elros, Tower 1, 6th floor, Artisan Galleria Legacy Towers
(The landmark doesn't take you directly to the spot. You'll have to go into the building and take the teleport to the 6th floor.)

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