March 19, 2007

Rhizomatic has annonced a new dorkbot meeting

Cut and pasted from, run by Maximillian Nakamura:

"The next dorkbot session is coming! As the press reaction was quite big, I hope that it will be a low lag and not that chaotic like lasttime session. There are 2 artist planned but maybe there will be one more. First AngryBeth Shortbread aka Annabeth Robinson sl-(sound)-artist from the UK will talk about her art/sound works and also about the port-project. Then DanCoyote Antonelli aka DC Spensley will speak about his ZeroGSkyDance-Project (avatar dance performance) project and hopefully also about hyperformalism. After his talk we are invited to attend a performance at his place.
The Session will start on Sunday 8th of April at 2 pm PST in Odyssey, Rhizomatic."

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