March 3, 2007

Artist sandhya2 Patel at Oyster Bay

written by Rezago Kokorin

This was the third of Oyster Bay's 5-part series of ArtTalks. On the evening of March 2nd we heard from artist sandhy2 Patel.

"I love Second Life so that is where I started. I've been here over three years and have learned a lot and had so much fun. In RL I'm an artist too, with a card business and I also do fine art and sculpture in RL."

"This fountain was done for a contest at Edifice Rex. They gave out textures and said we could do anything we wanted with them but there must be only 14 prims in the statue, like the lines in a haiku poem. So this was my answer to that challenge. It is really a Jack -in-the-pulpit plant. I saw it in my yard, just hiding, and wanted to do something with that. It was quiet and elligant. The fountain water is running into itself and that to me indicaqtes the quiteness and completeness of the plant i saw."

The above is commissioned work, the Hand of God from the Cystene Chapel.

Below are a set of Alice in Wonderland figures which she made for a single scene. This scene, along with much of her other work, can be found at Sandhya's Showplace, Kula 1 (235, 121, 22).

"The Aquarius Lady is just something i thought up one day. It was for Burning Life the sl expo that they have every year."

"This is the statue of Andrew Jackson, like the one in New Orleans. That was done for the Katrina hurricane relief. There was a whole sim that looked just like New Orleans before the flood. This is the statue in Jackson park. I had to do a lot of research on it to make it look as much like it as i could. The artists there did an awesome job on recreating the city."

The Andrew Jackson statue can be seen at:
The Big Easy - New Orleans recreated, Big Easy (128, 245, 25)

"[These]...are like butterfly people, popping out of their egg or what ever they pop out of. Some are wildly leaping into life, some are more careful, and some are dramatic."

Sandhya's Showplace, Kula 1 (235, 121, 22)
The Big Easy - New Orleans recreated, Big Easy (128, 245, 25)
Art at Oyster Bay Aquarium, Oyster (38, 173, 82)

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