January 13, 2007

Art in 360 degrees

written by Rezago Kokorin

Zimzim Yongbo is a RL photographer and the owner of Digital Media Art, located here in SL.

The art in his gallery is made up of his RL photos which were shot with a fisheye lens. In the upstairs area there are a couple which have been tiled together to create a mural.

The thing which drew me to the gallery was the Pano Rooms. These are cube shaped rooms specially designed for showing 360 degree photographic panoramas.

The photos are displayed on the floor and ceiling as well as the walls, and with the door closed you are fully immersed in the environment of each photo. The photos can be changed by touching the viewing post which you sit on in the center of the room.

ZimZim is currently planning to sell these for L$100 and have an auto-update server so that when people rez their Pano Rooms they will get all the latest photos. He intends for everyone in SL to be able to afford one.

Landmark: Digital Media Art, Daydream Islands CTR (156, 56, 21)

Be sure to check out the website Digital Media Art.
A quote from the site:

"Digital Media Art is one of only a handful of companies that offer panoramic photography that covers a 360° horizontal sweep with a full 180° degrees of vertical pitch. Unlike many of our competitors, our panoramas show ceilings and floors, you can look right down to the floor beneath the camera and smoothly pan the viewpoint all the way up to the ceiling or sky directly overhead. This makes a real difference to the realism of a scene – be sure to have a really good look around when viewing our gallery images."

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