January 21, 2007


written by Rezago Kokorin

I discovered eyefood on one of my random explorations, flying down a Linden road on the mainland. This is a beautiful gallery, a work of art in itself. The large open spaces of real world galleries and museums translates well into SL. The difference here being that it is much more open air than you would typically see in a real world gallery. I'll let the photos and the words of the artists speak for themselves.

Landmark: eyefood.Steiger, Steiger (124, 239, 122)

"It's like eyecandy, only more nutritious."

"Eyefood is a group of artists and photographers intent on exploring the relationship between the digital image, and the virtual world - both the three-dimensional metaverse of Second Life, and the two-dimensional social network of Flickr."

"What happens to an image when it gets embedded on a web page? How does a photograph change when it's placed on the side of a prim? And what do we mean by 'photograph' anyway? Does it always have to be 'of' something?"

"Or can it just be very, very pretty?"

1 comment:

Cinda Market said...

Yummm, a new place to light upon and stay for ages.

Have you found Strong Visions in Snafu perchance? Track down Lou Portsmouth's wall piece with frame. Hint, tisn't in the main gallery.

Any idea where I put all the pieces I already own? So I can buy more of course.