January 18, 2007

Happy birthday, Art!

Art's Birthday... Dear Perfomance Art Fans... you are invited...
So I went to the party on the 17th... cause art was born on 17th of january and because I'm a performanceartfan, I went to Second Fronts celebration of Art's Birthday. It all took place at Second Fronter Man Michinagas The BitFactory, also the home of the famous perfomancegroup. Not only a fan, I am now an offical groupie, member of Second Front groupies, founded on the 17th by Great Escape (does that mean I have to have sex with Second Front after their shows?).
The "Binge" performance, a colorful and beautifully chaotic performance. An important ingredient was the puke, everybody was puking loads of bloodlike redwine all the time, even I, because we groupies were invited to join the performance, so I puked (thank you, Man) like I never ever have done before, and there were pink flamingos, huge cakes and hamburgers, a withered xmastree with all the lights on.

So I joined in and had some nice interaction with Gazira Babeli. Better than sex we agreed...
Some scenes from the party:

Finally I was thrown out and up in to the sky with this red puke running out of me. It reminded me off something... Was it a way to say F... of, you stupid groupie! (?)

Plurabelle Posthorn

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ninsve said...

An interiew with Second Front on networked_performance HERE, posted 15th of february.