January 17, 2007

The Art of Madcow Cosmos

written by Rezago Kororin

Madcow Cosmos is a relative newcomer to SL but is already an accomplished builder in terms of the sculpture he creates. It puts one in mind of natural history museum displays, but with a whimsical twist.

These are fantasy creatures, but they're obviously inspired by the skeletal reconstructions of prehistoric animals. The complexity and anatomical detail of his work is a marvel to see.

I discovered his work recently when I saw it on display next-door to the Public Sandbox in Mauve. You can see it at the landmark below, and also here in my sculpture park in Blekinge where one of his "low-prim" works is on display.

Madcow's Prim Creatures, Mauve (162, 48, 36)
Blekinge Sculpture Park, Blekinge (139, 111, 99)

Madcow clearly has skill, imagination and a sense of humor. He is an artist to take note of and watch.

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