January 4, 2007

A Sailor's Gallery

written by cyanide Seelowe

Upon looking for new galleries to explore under Search-> Events-> Arts and Culture, i came across a lovely little exhibition by Katjo Kagekiyo entitled "Sea & Sky- A Sailor's Diary". In it are displayed the photographic works of a sailor's journey and the variety of colors, moods, and textures of the sea. As far as the subject matter of the photos, there isn't anything too new or groundbreaking, but the masterful technique in the use of the camera is certainly something to be applauded.

The gallery itself, on the other hand, is a very unique site to see. Located in the Wayup, this gallery is a far cry from sterile white walls and angsty coffee drinkers- one is reminded of a rice paddy, perhaps, or the carefully crafted terraces of a Japanese garden. Surrounded by lush greenery and the serene silence that can only be found in the Wayup, I only found myself wishing there were cushions to sit upon so I could reflect upon the beauty of the art and the scenery surrounding it.

Landmarks- Soyeonpyeongdo (69, 142, 65)

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