January 7, 2007

Virtual Artist Alliance Headquarter is open!

Last night: the unformal opening of our headquarter and the first exhibition in our gallery. Seems like Cyanide, our founder, has worked a lot… The headquarter is free for anybody to visit at anytime. We will have our weekly meeting here, usually sundays 10am SLtime.

The artist Corrodo Butoh is showing slightly homoerotic collages, some paintings and drawings.

New and old friends gathered for a glass of champagne. Someone came as a cube, a champagnedrinking cube…

At the end of the party Alazar Fauna showed his sculptures and Rezago wanted one of them for his sculpture park where you can see two of them now.

Virtual Artist Aliance Headquarter at: World Domination HQ, Hughes Rise (149, 111, 125)
Blekinge Sculpture Park, Blekinge (157, 43, 476)

Two of Alazar Faunas sculptures at Blekinge Sculpture Park

Plurabelle Posthorn


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