January 27, 2007

Sketch Furniture by FRONT

written by Cyanide Seelowe

Months ago, when my boyfriend was supposed to be working, and i was supposed to be in class, i was given a link to click in IM that had the simple tag attached to it: "I wanna try this!!"

What I saw was a video clip that had my jaw dropped and my artistic heart flittering with joy in my chest. A group of four people, the FRONT team, had set up quite a few cameras around an oval room. Two individuals stood in the center of the room and began to draw in the air with white pens. The cameras they were surrounded with captured the movements of the tips of these pens, and when the visual data was later compiled, they were able to translate the movements into three-dimensional objects.

The movie, as well as more info about the FRONT team, can be found here.

The footage that I saw was pushed out of my mind due to the then-upcoming finals weeks, but my memory was rekindled when fellow VAA reporter Rezago Kokorin wrote an article that involved bringing the objects of Second Life into the real world. Since that article I've been looking for that video clip and any other information that might go along with it in hopes of sharing it with my fellow artists everywhere. FINALLY, i am able to share this joy with you, and i hope your heart flutters as wildly as mine when you think of the potential that motion-capture artwork and designing with space has with Second Life.

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