July 29, 2007

Animated Sculptie Sculptures & A New Video Series

- by Magellan Egoyan

Check out the animated sculptures that Vlad Bjornson has developed using a special process. For those who are technically inclined, he provides details of the method used in the "Building Tips" Forum under the heading "Animation of sculpties". For those of us struggling to make sense of how to work with sculpties and get elegant results from our efforts, Vlad's method represents a gift from heaven.

Also, for those of you interested in my video series, I have begun a second series, called "Second Life Geography". In some ways, I view Second Life as a whole as a kind of work of art, and just as I find it interesting and useful to explore the work of bona fide artists within Second Life, I believe the place as a whole warrants the same kind of attention. My first video in the series is Second Life Geography - An Overview. I did actually manage to slip in a few artistic references, since my maps are annoted with the location of several galleries :)

July 25, 2007

SLCC Art Exhibits

Looks like there will be an interesting mix of artists and art exhibits at this year's SLCC. Check out details here and here

Current list of participants:
Rachel Breaker - Drawings and Digital Art
Grimfiddle Dogpatch - Painting
Filthy Fluno - Abstract Narrative Drawing
Wade1 Jya - Painting
Gracie Kendal - Collage and Mixed Media
Spider Mycron - Mixed Media Collage
Tuna Oddfellow - Wandering Magician
Tap Quentin - SL Photography
Static Schultz -Mixed Media and Collage
Esch Snoats - Abstract Digital Print
Sonia Stardust - Comic Art

These people will be showing their artwork in the in-world portion of the art exhibit: (More to come)

Dancoyote Antonelli - Hyperformalism Manifestation
Shoshana Epsilon - SL Photography Portrait
Half Moxing - SL Photography with a Furry Focus
IanLee Patton - Drawings
Karen Schreiner - Digital Abstract
Juria Yoshikawa - Sculptures/Installation

July 21, 2007

Origin's Music Rang True

Origin Rang did not merely give a good classical piano performance at Oyster Bay, he dazzled the crowd and left us speechless. In a live recital from Tokyo, Origin's fingers danced across the piano keys almost inhumanely fast and yet so exquisitely skilled. Incredibly, the longer Origin played, the better he got! The audience shared collective joy, tears, and disbelief at Origin's talent. Although commenting that his English was not too good, Origin's message came through loud and clear, and no translation was necessary. This man, simply put, is a masterful piano artist and his gift to us last night was pure and from the heart. You must drop everything you are doing the next time Origin plays anywhere in Second Life. —Sunn Thunders

July 17, 2007

Video Interview with Cheen Pitney

- by Magellan Egoyan

I've just completed my third video interview, this time with Cheen Pitney. I believe I'm getting better at doing this, and I'm having an incredibly enriching experience meeting with and delving into the work of different artists in Second Life. This time, I was able to combine the study with an exercise in Second Life geography, another interest of mine.

You may access the interview by clicking here.

Happy viewing!

July 13, 2007

Into the Abyss

written by Cyanide Seelowe

Journey to the ultimate depths of the ocean and experience the Abyss- combining history, art, and education into a fantastical exhibition of our planet's oceans. Enjoy your adventure!- Rezago Kokorin and Sunn Thunders

After months of teasing and tantalizing lures dangled out for the collaborative efforts of Sunn Thunders and Rezago Kokorin, we finally see the Abyss exhibit come into fruition! When you first teleport into the Abyss exhibit, you are surrounded by the familiar- set in a museum-like environment, you find yourself walking along a board walk set in the sand and surrounded by ancient sea-exploring relics and a plethora of well-researched information. It's a place that makes us reminisce about school field trips to our local museums and exploring the unknown through second-hand information and interesting visuals and replicas. Part of the museum is a testament to how indomitable the human spirit is by displaying- in words, pictures and stunning builds- how deep-sea exploration has evolved throughout history. At a glance, one can find out what the top 12 human-produced pollutants of a beach are and how unpleasant they can be to gaze upon. But that is where the familiarity ends and the fantastic elements begin.

When you first venture into the Abyss, you guide yourself through a long, dark hallway which gives a hint of neon color to help you guide yourself through the darkness. Venture further still and the hallway opens and bursts with the life and color and movement of a deep sea environment.

Feaux-bioluminescence comes in the form of many strange, fantastic and very real creatures. They move and sway with the small currents of their habitat, however they move only as much as they have to, as conserving energy is one of the vital points of living in the deep-sea world. When you hit the floor of the Abyss, you find yourself gazing upon life-giving thermal vents spewing out nourishing minerals for the various sedentary creatures and abandoned human elements that have settled from the world above.

But please, don't take my word for it. In order to truly grasp the beauty of this exhibit, you must EXPERIENCE it... you must be there for yourself and surround yourself with the beauty of the Abyss.

July 8, 2007

Blowin' in the Wind

Ahhhh, the wind... that oft forgot, yet ever present element of Second Life... as persistent as the sun and moon (or the lag). What if the wind could be the force behind art? A magnificent piece of artwork in Harmonia by Edo Autopoiesis titled "Resonating with Second Life Wind" captures the energy and harmony contained within SL's invisible air molecules. A grid of windmills translates the potential energy of the metaverse's ceaseless winds into the kinetic energy of movement and sound that resonates above the clouds. Pictures don't even come close to doing justice to this gem—a firsthand visit is a must... —Sunn Thunders

July 6, 2007

Plurabelle Posthorn - Second Life Artist

Plurabelle's mountainside, seashore gallery in Trollhaugen.

I'm pleased to be the first to announce that Magellan Egoyan has finished and released the second of his series of interviews with SL artists. I hope that Magellan will continue doing these interviews as time permits. Be sure to send him a note of encouragement!

I met Plurabelle several months ago and it was quite interesting and a pleasure to listen to her tell about her work. I encourage you to go and see her work first hand (links are posted below).

- Rezago (posting something that is actually about art)

Link to the interview is here.

Plurabelle's gallery space
Artisan Galleria Legacy Towers, Tower 1, 4th floor.

Plurabelle Posthorn's Gallery ur, Trollhaugen
Showing Plurabelle Posthorn's own SL artworks, rl and SL artist friends, invited artists and works from her art collection.

More about this thing called 1st Life

I can't take credit for the image. Here is the link to the original post.
I'm uncertain about this "First Life" game. The claim that there is no server lag is doubtful at best, especially given the number of residents listed. Maybe this is that "offworld" place that I sometimes see mentioned when things of mine are returned to my Lost & Found. (?)

- Rezago