November 14, 2009

Hallelujah Azul Art Walk, Nov. 14 - Nov. 30

Nov. 14 - Nov. 30

Location: Hallelujah Azul (184, 222, 23)

Opening Party: Saturday Nov. 14, 6:00 PM SLT

The Hallelujah Azul Art Walk is an open-air exhibition featuring 15 artists from across the grid and throughout the world. Media include RL painting, photography, and collage, enhanced SL photography, SL sculptural builds, and others.

The opening party at 6:00 on Saturday evening will feature live musical performances by Rara Destiny, Raspbury Rearwin and Squidfisher McMillion streaming from their performances at Hallelujah's live music venue, Kasbah.

Artists include:

Daire Aeon
Sasha Bazilinski
Bayley Boucher
Therese Carfagno
Amarynth Emmons
Bobbi Laval
Skarat Lefebvre
Lingual Markus
nessuno Myoo
Lubnatsi Papp
Juliete3d Quinzet
Sistagrlro Wei
Nevar Whitfireld
Clementine Whitt
Dorothy Urvilan

Hallelujah Azul is a "small town" sim with 16 shops, a coffee house, a live music venue, and residential parcels. Please come and enjoy.

For further questions, IM Gwendolyn Bieler in world, or email

October 18, 2009

VAA Artists at Burning Life 2009

"Spikes, My Friend"

A collection of sculpture by ArtCrash Exonar
Location: Burning Life-Paiute (202, 21, 24)


"Haiku SpeedBuild at Burning Life 2009"

Location: Burning Life-Limbo (201, 198, 24)

Display of the fabulous Haiku SpeedBuild contest!!
Great builds done with 50 or less prims in 50 minutes are on display with haiku poems. Thirteen builds will be rotated through the week. The Burning Life Special Edition of the Haiku SpeedBuild will take place on Friday October 23 rd at 6PM SLT (must have building permissions to participate)

See you there!!
- Special Jewel

The weekly SpeedBuilds take place at: Afar (225, 121, 608)


"Bringing Water to the Desert"

by Alizarin Goldflake and Rezago Kokorin
Location: Burning Life-Nightingale (26, 98, 25)

With everything in flames in the hot, dry desert, we thought it might be handy to have a great big tank of water at Burning Life, so we are contributing an aquarium. Come on in and take a cool, freshing swim with one of the pose balls. Right click on the giant fish to go for a ride. Look for the mysterious vanishing blue jelly fish. Sit on the rocks and relax as the diatoms drift down around you and the seaweed gently waves.
(Warning: mind how you walk near the clam!)


"FreeWee's Lost Planet"

by FreeWee Ling
Location: Burning Life-Limbo (113, 212, 24)

FreeWee's Lost Planet is an abstract installation that is an expression of substance within the apparent void. The desert landscape is thought to be dessicated and lacking in life energy. But it is in fact full of motion and change and interesting surprises for those who take the time to look carefully. Some of those surprises are beautiful. Others are dangerous. Some are both.

The landscape of the installation features waves of cubist terrain. These objects lay beneath the surface and are affected by the wind. If the wind is strong they will be bent over and invisible above the surface, exposing certain creatures who live at thet level. But when it becomes calm, they extend into the desert space expressing themselves, but hiding the secrets below.

These objects also appear to be made of the eroded desert terrain, but if you stand on the parcel and have your media player running, you will see them, as well as the surface of the entire BL sim, turn blood red with flecks of gold. The gold particles emerge slowly as you watch over time. This is a dynamic process (Iiberally stolen from AM Radio) that is slightly different for every visitor. It begins again to create a new pattern if you step off the parcel or restart your media player.

FreeWee Ling is owner of Artemisia and the Galerie de la Vie. She is a member of the Caerleon Artists Collective and a creator of peculiar objects. Artemisia, Artemisia (202, 47, 2508)


"Burning Life Camp PhotoSLam!"

by Nova Dyszel
Location: Burning Life-Nightingale (200, 77, 24)

Hey there VAA friends, come visit my Burning Life Camp PhotoSLam!

A large Burning man display showing top photos and winners from the SL is Burning Photo Contest

The Icosago (20 sided) and 10 story photo tower, free for everyone to add their BL texture photos to all through Burning Life

p.s. check out my knit cozy porta potty


by Solo Mornington
Location: Burning Life-Double Hot (26, 151, 24)

In traditional 'karesansui' (lit: dry mountain water) gardens, the stones are arranged to represent land, with sand or gravel representing water.

In Second Life, all things are arranged to represent something else.

The theme of Burning Life 2009 is Evolution. I take evolution as a metaphor through which we can understand our own personal process of consciousness, whereby we can nurture what we need and be unafraid to leave behind the aspects that do not benefit us.

The traditional Japanese dry garden gives us an opportunity to slow our though process and make room for joy and beauty and peace. It's my hope that this untitled Burning Life build will provide festival-goers with a similar opportunity.

-- Solo Mornington October 17, 2009


"Game of SLife"

by Wick Umino
Location: Burning Life-Fly (54, 183, 24)

Short description:
From a random initial pattern, observers will see the population constantly change with each generation. Please feel free to make your way up the ramps and stairs to the observation deck and watch for emergent patterns across the globe.

Longer description:
There are numerous examples in nature of self-organization and the emergence of order from disorder: From the origins of life to pattern formation in development (e.g. the appearance of zebra stripes), the creation of flocking behaviours and social structures. Within these types of systems, patterns can be seen to emerge, even from an apparently random configuration, simply based on the local interactions between system components.

The Game of sLife is one example of a self-organizing system. It is a globe sculpture comprised of 240 individual metal plates that act as a cellular automaton. The color of each plate is determined by the simple rules that it holds with its neighbours. These rules are loosely based on those found in nature:

Any live cell (blue plate) plate with fewer than two live neighbours dies (turns green)
Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies
Conditions for growth:
Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours becomes a live cell.

From a random initial pattern, observers will see the population constantly change with each generation. Please feel free to make your way up the ramps and stairs to the observation deck and watch for emergent patterns across the globe.

For more information on the Game of Life:



"A Circle of Friendship and Friendliness!"

by Yoa Ogee
Location: Burning Life-12 Mile (214, 132, 24)

Friends are everywhere!

Daily find-new-friends meetings at 3 PM!

Click them!
These different friends are whispering wise thoughts about friendliness and friendship.
So, move near to their mouth (less than 10 m) and click them, to hear (read) a wise thought, let them whisper in your ear and enjoy!

Yoa Ogee

(They will change their quotations every 31,415926 hours... ca... the exactness depends on my rounding pi phobia. )

Quotations by:
Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Alexander Solschenizyn
Anaïs Nin
Andreas Lietzow
Anthony Yeboah
author unknown
Barbara A. Billings
C.S. Lewis
Charles Caleb Colton
Charles Mildway
D.T. Gentry
Dale Carnegie
Danish proverb
Dave Matthews Band
Donna Roberts
Elbert Hubbard
Eleanor Roosevelt
Frank Harris
Friedrich Nietzsche
Heinz Haber
Henry Ford
Ingeborg Bachmann
Jacques Delille
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
John Greenleaf Whittier
Kahlil Gibran
Karl Jaspers
Kermit the Frog
Len Wein
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Martin Buber
Meike Duch
Norman Mailer
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Philip Rosenthal
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thomas Alva Edison
Victor Frankl
Yeti Bing
Yoa Ogee

September 20, 2009

Opening today: "The Tunguska Event"

When: 1pm SLT, September 20th
Where: Cetus (209, 215, 22)

Oberon Onmura's new sim-wide installation recalls the Tunguska Event, a powerful explosion which occurred over the Siberia area of Russia on June 30, 1908. The explosion knocked over an estimated 80 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers (830 square miles).

"Although the cause of the explosion is the subject of debate, it is commonly believed to have been caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5–10 kilometers (3–6 miles) above the Earth's surface." (source: Wikipedia)

I attended an early showing and found it to be quite an experience. Oberon has placed a number of special seats in the installation which give one a view from high in the air.

A quiet night......

....then suddenly the shockwave hits.
(watch for falling trees)

"This artwork was made possible by curator Zachh Cale, who also wrote a new piano piece just for this opening. He will perform that piece live at 1:30."

August 7, 2009

DynaFleur Redux

The Return of the DynaFleur
Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield with Dizzy Banjo-music and sound

Officially opening to the public on August 8th, 2009, the piece may be visited in Second Life at the following location:

After an absence of nearly 8 months, the popular and beloved DynaFleur immersive art installation has returned to Second Life. Spanning an entire sim high above the Victorian-themed Caledon Kintyre, DynaFleur is the kind of experience that truly is possible only in Second Life.

Read more here:

July 28, 2009

Celebrate the Creative Spirit

TejanoTech, the newly established virtual home of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) which is quickly becoming a vibrant center of interdisciplinary and culturally situated STEM education in Second Life (SL) invites you to celebrate the creative spirit.

Come explore fully integrated examples of 2D and 3D virtual art across different areas of TejanoTech. Artists involved in this development include Cepheus Ceriano, Gary Kohime, Cogito Ultsch, and UTSA Artist in Residence and VAA artist Misprint Thursday.
Brackish Gears installation

Misprint has developed a site specific installation that makes use of the river that travels north and south in the sim. Her installation is called Brackish Gears. Brackish Gears is a public and personal celebration of the inventive mind. The main image used in the piece ia a sketch drawing by her father. She recently found a series of invention drawings in her father's old belongings. Before finding and deciding to use the sketch drawings, Misprint already had some ideas in mind for the river piece about the idea of brackish water-the salt water mixed with the fresh. Misprint shares:

“As I tinkered with ideas I worked with some gear sculpties in the water-sort of thinking of this river as the power source that could drive the creative process. The river became as a muse. Once I discovered my father's sketches I knew I had to include them in this piece to represent and celebrate this story of the dreamer, the inventor, and the creative spirit.”

The show opens Wednesday July 29th 2-4 SLT. You can join the celebration by teleporting to TejanoTech here:

June 2, 2009

Well.......why didn't I think of that?!

Pavl Duke Creates Insane Multi-Particle Video Player
"It's just video texture on the particles," ".... it's the default texture they pick up whatever [video] stream you've set." - Pavl Duke (quoted from Hamlet Au's New World Notes article, 6/2/2009)

Of course all the particles have the same video image, and you need to have control over the parcel media settings. However.....if you created several minimum-size plots (16sq meters) close together, you could place a particle rezzer in each with the video stream set differently for each plot. I expect one could create some stunning effects that way.

- Rezago

May 19, 2009

RL Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum in Munich.

Triptych. A kinetic sculpture composed of metal, string, electric motors, and 300 wooden balls.

This type of sculpture looks like it would be well suited to SL. I'd love to jump in and experiment but, alas, I'm still in exile. If you're inspired and come up with something, tell us about it here.

I found these on the Dark Roasted Blend website today where they have an article on kinetic art.

- Rezago

March 8, 2009

February 10, 2009

Reflections from a Revenant

I've been inactive in Second Life for about eight months, and in SL, that is almost an eternity! However, there are good reasons for the absence, albeit perhaps not for quite such a prolonged period. After having spent about a year learning the ins-and-outs of the virtual world, and then having developed an event that bridged the RL and SL (a museum exhibit in the real world that used a SL counterpart), my time and energy were caught up into an extraordinary RL initiative that has come to dominate my personal and professional landscape.

It may sound odd, but I think after learning to function in a "reactive landscape", I got busy building super-reactive environments in RL... specifically for disabled children, for whom real life is even less reactive than for most of us. I am now engaged in several projects that are building artistically-inspired reactive and interactive installations that, in many ways, emulate the kinetic sculptures the VAA group has developed and promoted in SL. For example, working with engineers who are specialists, on the one hand, in robotics, on another in physiological sensing devices, and in a third area, in so-called "smart textiles" (fabric that changes shape, color and texture on command), and with installation and media artists, we are constructing a large wall mural that will react to disabled children who roll up to it on their wheelchairs (or walk up to it, depends on the child) - changing shape, color, and thematic configuration. We will be able to measure their heartbeat, level of excitement (e.g. via skin perspiration and blood pressure), and modify the mural also in relation to these characteristics. In another initiative, we are creating a miniature "telegame" that allows children with disability to interact with each other through robotic devices that act as RL avatars. These projects are extraordinarily stimulating but also rather challenging to build (and fund!), and have taken most of my time over the past eight months to develop.

Interestingly, I used my experiences, especially those with the VAA, to "sell" these projects to the two hospitals who are now partners in their development. Using the video clips on VAA artists and the Reactive Sculptures clip, I was able to highlight the power that changes in the environment may have on changing our understanding of the self. One could say that SL got so far under my skin that it has ended up revolutionizing my relationship with RL!

Actually, this hasn't stopped with the creation of reactive environments, either. After developing a line of clothing in SL, and then being involved in the creation of SL versions of real life traditional ethnic garments in support of the museum exhibit we did last year, I decided that, perhaps, I could do the same with RL garments. So I taught myself to sew and am in the process of developing a line of RL garments. I discovered that sewing is an extraordinarily grounding activity for me and it has become an integral and daily presence in my life. I learned the power of fashion within SL, and have not stopped trying to use this power back in RL to do equally interesting things.

I share these observations and reflections, because I believe all involved with SL art are aware of the links between SL and RL and are interested in how the activities in the one sphere may affect or inform activities in the other.

I shall be around SL again on an off-and-on basis, but my engagements with the RL projects that flowed from my SL activities are likely to keep my presence low key. See you around!

Press Release: "The Collector"

Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia
February 12th through March 26
Opening Night Reception: February 12 from 4:30-6:00 pm SL time
DJ Eth Tedeschi spinning tunes
Exhibition: The Collector
Submitted by: RobertSteven Smythe, Curator

The Collector: The World of Second Life Sculpture

Starax, Pitney, Fairymeadow, Saarinen, elros, and Tripsa are just a few of the artists whose sculptures will be on display at Galerie de la Vie in Artemisia February 12th through March 26th. This exhibition named “The Collector” is focused around the art collection of Sichel Seifert an art enthusiast who has been collecting and commissioning some of the finest artists in Second Life since early 2005. You will see as never before from the eyes of a collector and connoisseur of Second Life art. Selections from his vast collection will be shown in two consecutive three-week exhibitions. The artists’ works have never before been shown together as one exhibition. This amazing collection represents a historical time line of sculptural work in Second Life. You will not want to miss this once in a lifetime exhibition.

When asked by RobertSteven Smythe, curator at Galerie de la Vie, why he has been such a prolific collector Sichel responded, "Ask yourself: What surrounds you in SL? Just the two: personal relationships, personal creations, and really nothing else (even if someone says SL has is own 'spirit' as well). Since I was rezzed there, I searched for the best of both. Got good friends, got beautiful creations. And I keep searching."

Collecting is a very personal endeavor and collectors must educate themselves on the subject of their passion. The best collectors contend that collecting should not begin as an investment, but that a collector should enjoy and purchase only items that appeal to them. Sculptures in Second Life have an appeal to Sichel that has continued from his first day in SL.

Don’t miss this rare exhibition to be shown in two parts. The show opens February 12, the second on March 6. Please join the residents of Artemisia and the Galerie de la Vie as we present this spectacular gathering of sculptures from Second Life’s greatest artists. Artemisia – Living with Art.

Complete List of artists:
Alizarin Goldflake, Meleni Fairymeadow, Kicca Igaly, Rezago Kokorin, Feathers Boa, Wolf Hartnell, Queen Edman, Steve Kilby, Stella Costello, Sabine Stonebender, Zulqadi Saarinen, elros Tuominen, Cheen Pitney, Colt Parx, Charlot Dickins, Pumpkin Tripsa, Starax Statosky, Light Waves, Eme10 Wind, Masterful Escape, PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Glyph Graves.

January 25, 2009

Fresh Musical Art

HD Artists New Music Concerts
HD Artists Concert Hall
Sundays @ 11:00 AM SLT

"Music shouldn't always glide off the ears like soft warm water."
—Flivelwitz Alsop, HD Artists Composer

If you are searching for a completely different type of music experience, then consider the HD Artists New Music Sundays Concert. Featuring artists and composers from Second Life and beyond, these concerts provide a fresh and unexpected musical adventure. These concerts fit well with one of the HD Artists goals to "disseminate new and unusual music throughout the land with a clarion call."

This week's event showcased music for guitars and was a rewarding treat for the ears.
Sunn Thunders

January 15, 2009

Artpounce Gallery Opening

four Yip's Installation "Yiplings"

Come join us this weekend for the opening of Artpounce gallery and art center. On display now are works by Oberon Onmura, Selvay Oh, Misprint Thursday, Cinco Pizzicato and four Yip~!

Teleport to Misprint's Aeroport and parachute down... Click Oberons clicky sculptures, and be fascinated by Selavy Oh's installation. You can check out an interesting architecutal build by Cinco Pizzicato too! The Yiplings will warmly greet you in the sky.

Artpounce is sponsored by the sim Ethereality which will have a coordinated sim wide party over the weekend including 8 live music performances


Cube of Cubes Maker By Oberon Onmura

Gossamer Float Boxes by Misprint Thursday

Billboard House by Cinco Pizzicato

Live Music Venue for the Weekend:
SATURDAY, JANUARY 17th - 11:30-4pm slt

12pm - Digby Smalls
1pm - Phemie Alcott
2pm - CQ Bravin
3pm - Damian Carbenell

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18th - 2:30-7pm slt
3pm - Sylar Morrissey
4pm - Vladamir Lamont
5pm - Stella Silvansky
6pm - Raspbury Rearwin