July 30, 2008

Misprint Thursday at Bistro Olive-Art Show

Misprint Thursday in her zany kinetic sculpture part of a show titled Olive Art!

Ride a cyber olive, check out the brightly colored canvases and interactive kinetic installation and have a bite to eat at the newly opened Bistro Olive on Marco Island. Misprint Thursday, a Virtual Arts Alliance member and regular participant in the VAA haiku speedbuilds-has an art exhibit that is a twist on the theme of olives! The artist states: "When I was approached to show at Bistro Olive, I wanted to do something fun and colorful".

The grand opening/art opening included wonderful live music from acoustic guitar player CQ Bravin as well as a great turn out of many music and arts enthusiasts. If you would like to exhibit at Bistro Olive please contact Kimala Kohime at Bistro Olive.

VAA Haiku Speedbuild Results 7/24/08

Sunn Thunders 1st Place
Misprint Thursday 2nd Place

Corcosman Voom 3rd Place

Visit the haiku speedbuild contest area here to see the sculptures!

July 23, 2008

VAA haiku Speedbuild Results 7/17/08

Sunn Thunders-1st Place

Corcosman Voom-2nd Place

Oberon Onmura-3rd Place

July 2, 2008

Celebrate Color

I love colors -- deep colors, rich colors, bright colors -- they're all fantastic. A flowerful garden of colors, a fruitful bowl of colors, a sunset tapestry of colors woven together enhance our visceral realities and virtualities. The strange and wonderful interaction of infinitesimally tiny photons bombarding our eyes and stimulating our brains. The impulsive "WOW!" of vibrancy...

If you enjoy colors as much as I, you will be delighted with the following link: Color in Motion