March 19, 2008

Sculpty Paint returns

Cel Edman, creator of Sculpty Paint, has put his Pixel Lab site back up and made the program available again. He took it down for a period due to his frustration with content theft in SL and Linden Labs ineffective efforts to deal with the problem. (go here to vote on "Stopping texture theft and the spread of stolen items")

Sculpty Paint is a free tool for creating sculpt textures for uploading to SL. It can also export to .obj files that can be read in Blender, wings3D etc.

Now a new version is available: SculptyPaint v.092 alpha release, for Window, Linux, and the Mac. It has two major improvements which stand out right away: multiple Undo and Redo, and much smoother rotating of the sculpt object with the mouse.

The site has a set of tutorials, and I've attended a couple of inworld classes offered at NCI which were a great help in getting started.

Find Sculpty Paint here

Here is the resulting test sculpti I made. I had to stretch the prim vertically to get the same proportions that I had within the program, and its not as sharp-edged due to the resolution of the sculpt texture (128 x 128). However, if you're making rounded shapes, or something with an old and worn look this will work to your advantage.

March 11, 2008

SL Dumpster

written by Plurabelle Posthorn
The other day I visited a new Second Life artproject: SL Dumpster. Thing is you can empty all your (inventory)trash on the land of the artistgroup eteam. I threw out some of my worst Second Life artworks... See their blogpost on Plurabelles trash HERE under March 7. Pretty funny analyses... :)
The project is continuously being documented at their SL Dumpster log.
Below: Tempo Strom, one of the artists in eteam, with her head in a can. In the background, some of my trashed artworks, for instance "Cubistic window with an ordinary carrot growing in it".

Lothar Apfelbaum, another of the artists.
The SL Dumpster project is one of 11 Rhizome-commisioned projectes. See 2008 Commissions. All the projects will be shown at and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and archived at the ArtBase.
Visit SL Dumpster HERE. It's up for one year...