October 18, 2009

VAA Artists at Burning Life 2009

"Spikes, My Friend"

A collection of sculpture by ArtCrash Exonar
Location: Burning Life-Paiute (202, 21, 24)


"Haiku SpeedBuild at Burning Life 2009"

Location: Burning Life-Limbo (201, 198, 24)

Display of the fabulous Haiku SpeedBuild contest!!
Great builds done with 50 or less prims in 50 minutes are on display with haiku poems. Thirteen builds will be rotated through the week. The Burning Life Special Edition of the Haiku SpeedBuild will take place on Friday October 23 rd at 6PM SLT (must have building permissions to participate)

See you there!!
- Special Jewel

The weekly SpeedBuilds take place at: Afar (225, 121, 608)


"Bringing Water to the Desert"

by Alizarin Goldflake and Rezago Kokorin
Location: Burning Life-Nightingale (26, 98, 25)

With everything in flames in the hot, dry desert, we thought it might be handy to have a great big tank of water at Burning Life, so we are contributing an aquarium. Come on in and take a cool, freshing swim with one of the pose balls. Right click on the giant fish to go for a ride. Look for the mysterious vanishing blue jelly fish. Sit on the rocks and relax as the diatoms drift down around you and the seaweed gently waves.
(Warning: mind how you walk near the clam!)


"FreeWee's Lost Planet"

by FreeWee Ling
Location: Burning Life-Limbo (113, 212, 24)

FreeWee's Lost Planet is an abstract installation that is an expression of substance within the apparent void. The desert landscape is thought to be dessicated and lacking in life energy. But it is in fact full of motion and change and interesting surprises for those who take the time to look carefully. Some of those surprises are beautiful. Others are dangerous. Some are both.

The landscape of the installation features waves of cubist terrain. These objects lay beneath the surface and are affected by the wind. If the wind is strong they will be bent over and invisible above the surface, exposing certain creatures who live at thet level. But when it becomes calm, they extend into the desert space expressing themselves, but hiding the secrets below.

These objects also appear to be made of the eroded desert terrain, but if you stand on the parcel and have your media player running, you will see them, as well as the surface of the entire BL sim, turn blood red with flecks of gold. The gold particles emerge slowly as you watch over time. This is a dynamic process (Iiberally stolen from AM Radio) that is slightly different for every visitor. It begins again to create a new pattern if you step off the parcel or restart your media player.

FreeWee Ling is owner of Artemisia and the Galerie de la Vie. She is a member of the Caerleon Artists Collective and a creator of peculiar objects. Artemisia, Artemisia (202, 47, 2508)


"Burning Life Camp PhotoSLam!"

by Nova Dyszel
Location: Burning Life-Nightingale (200, 77, 24)

Hey there VAA friends, come visit my Burning Life Camp PhotoSLam!

A large Burning man display showing top photos and winners from the SL is Burning Photo Contest

The Icosago (20 sided) and 10 story photo tower, free for everyone to add their BL texture photos to all through Burning Life

p.s. check out my knit cozy porta potty


by Solo Mornington
Location: Burning Life-Double Hot (26, 151, 24)

In traditional 'karesansui' (lit: dry mountain water) gardens, the stones are arranged to represent land, with sand or gravel representing water.

In Second Life, all things are arranged to represent something else.

The theme of Burning Life 2009 is Evolution. I take evolution as a metaphor through which we can understand our own personal process of consciousness, whereby we can nurture what we need and be unafraid to leave behind the aspects that do not benefit us.

The traditional Japanese dry garden gives us an opportunity to slow our though process and make room for joy and beauty and peace. It's my hope that this untitled Burning Life build will provide festival-goers with a similar opportunity.

-- Solo Mornington October 17, 2009


"Game of SLife"

by Wick Umino
Location: Burning Life-Fly (54, 183, 24)

Short description:
From a random initial pattern, observers will see the population constantly change with each generation. Please feel free to make your way up the ramps and stairs to the observation deck and watch for emergent patterns across the globe.

Longer description:
There are numerous examples in nature of self-organization and the emergence of order from disorder: From the origins of life to pattern formation in development (e.g. the appearance of zebra stripes), the creation of flocking behaviours and social structures. Within these types of systems, patterns can be seen to emerge, even from an apparently random configuration, simply based on the local interactions between system components.

The Game of sLife is one example of a self-organizing system. It is a globe sculpture comprised of 240 individual metal plates that act as a cellular automaton. The color of each plate is determined by the simple rules that it holds with its neighbours. These rules are loosely based on those found in nature:

Any live cell (blue plate) plate with fewer than two live neighbours dies (turns green)
Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies
Conditions for growth:
Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours becomes a live cell.

From a random initial pattern, observers will see the population constantly change with each generation. Please feel free to make your way up the ramps and stairs to the observation deck and watch for emergent patterns across the globe.

For more information on the Game of Life:



"A Circle of Friendship and Friendliness!"

by Yoa Ogee
Location: Burning Life-12 Mile (214, 132, 24)

Friends are everywhere!

Daily find-new-friends meetings at 3 PM!

Click them!
These different friends are whispering wise thoughts about friendliness and friendship.
So, move near to their mouth (less than 10 m) and click them, to hear (read) a wise thought, let them whisper in your ear and enjoy!

Yoa Ogee

(They will change their quotations every 31,415926 hours... ca... the exactness depends on my rounding pi phobia. )

Quotations by:
Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Alexander Solschenizyn
Anaïs Nin
Andreas Lietzow
Anthony Yeboah
author unknown
Barbara A. Billings
C.S. Lewis
Charles Caleb Colton
Charles Mildway
D.T. Gentry
Dale Carnegie
Danish proverb
Dave Matthews Band
Donna Roberts
Elbert Hubbard
Eleanor Roosevelt
Frank Harris
Friedrich Nietzsche
Heinz Haber
Henry Ford
Ingeborg Bachmann
Jacques Delille
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
John Greenleaf Whittier
Kahlil Gibran
Karl Jaspers
Kermit the Frog
Len Wein
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Martin Buber
Meike Duch
Norman Mailer
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Philip Rosenthal
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thomas Alva Edison
Victor Frankl
Yeti Bing
Yoa Ogee