July 28, 2009

Celebrate the Creative Spirit

TejanoTech, the newly established virtual home of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) which is quickly becoming a vibrant center of interdisciplinary and culturally situated STEM education in Second Life (SL) invites you to celebrate the creative spirit.

Come explore fully integrated examples of 2D and 3D virtual art across different areas of TejanoTech. Artists involved in this development include Cepheus Ceriano, Gary Kohime, Cogito Ultsch, and UTSA Artist in Residence and VAA artist Misprint Thursday.
Brackish Gears installation

Misprint has developed a site specific installation that makes use of the river that travels north and south in the sim. Her installation is called Brackish Gears. Brackish Gears is a public and personal celebration of the inventive mind. The main image used in the piece ia a sketch drawing by her father. She recently found a series of invention drawings in her father's old belongings. Before finding and deciding to use the sketch drawings, Misprint already had some ideas in mind for the river piece about the idea of brackish water-the salt water mixed with the fresh. Misprint shares:

“As I tinkered with ideas I worked with some gear sculpties in the water-sort of thinking of this river as the power source that could drive the creative process. The river became as a muse. Once I discovered my father's sketches I knew I had to include them in this piece to represent and celebrate this story of the dreamer, the inventor, and the creative spirit.”

The show opens Wednesday July 29th 2-4 SLT. You can join the celebration by teleporting to TejanoTech here: