September 28, 2008

The VAA Burning Life Plot

My thanks to all of you who took part in creating our space here!

Burning Life (Babel) (202, 75, 24)

September 17, 2008

Haiku Speedbuild, September 11, 2008

Sunn Thunders - 1st place

Oberon Onmura - 2nd place

Peli Dieterie - 3rd place

Alizarin Goldflake

Corcosman Voom

Goose Wycliffe

Heathers Miles

Ransom Silverspar

Rikard Bashly

Rik Zwiers

September 8, 2008

Burning Life 2008, land up for grabs!

Burning Life is September 27 through October 5, 2008

Plots can be claimed during several periods this week. Check the Burning Life wiki page for details and schedule (and to find out what in the world Burning Life is).

We'll be claiming a plot for the VAA group again this year and I'll make an announcement as soon as we've laid our eager paws on it. Contact me if you're interested in taking part in the building. What will we create there? No idea yet but we will have until the 27th to complete the build.

- Rezago Kokorin

September 5, 2008

Haiku Speedbuild - September 4, 2008

The voting was close this week, with a tie for 2nd place. The builds will be on display here until shortly before the next contest at 6pm SL time on Thursday the 11th.

1st place - Peli Dieterle

2nd place - Heathers Miles

2nd place - Lorimae Undercroft

3rd place - Sunn Thunders

Runners up:

Corcosman Voom

Jeanni Nishi

Madcow Cosmos

Oberon Onmura

Rikard Bashly