February 22, 2007

February 19th is Art Administration’s Birthday...

for Emmett Williams:"Little Fluxus People" Invade the Reuter's Building SL

Official photo

Friends of ICARDI confered in the atrium of Reuters Building (Second Life) on February 19th, 2007 to acknowledge Art Administration’s
A little over a month after “Art’s Birthday” (January 17th), just over a million years ago, the object (a sponge in a bucket of water) from the
“Birth of Art” was discovered, labeled artwork, acquistitioned, evaluated, documented, conserved/cared for, placed on exhibit and pedagogically interpreted.

BL Niven, Director of ICARDI in SL, will confer with members of the art community and the press in the atrium of theReuters SL Building, to designate February 19th as officially 'Art Administration's Birthday'.

ACTION VS OBJECTS - "Art's Birthday" was the action - "the dropping of a dry sponge in a bucket of water" NOT what 'Art Administration's Birthday' celebrates "the sponge in the bucket of water"

While "Art's Birthday" (http://artsbirthday.net/) is remembered by relatively underground artists' events, 'Art Administration's Birthday', although indirectly pointing to the former, is expected to be its own highly promoted and financially supported celebration.

ICARDI is interested in the status of the artist in society.

Report from the event on Wirxli Flimflams blog HERE.

My Photoshop remix snapshot of the event to the left.
Ok, let's try to crack the codes of this mysterious event...
Art's Birthday: 17th January, an annual event first proposed in 1963 by French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou, born 17th of January 1926, died 1987.
ICARDI: International Current Art Research & Developmentnt Institute
Director of ICARDI: BL Nevin aka artist, curator, art administrator Brian L. MacNevin. ICARDI is his idea and vision for the development of the town Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, where he is from. This website presents his ideas or proposal: click..... from 2004-5.
(Old town Lunenburg has been on UNESCOs World Heritage list since 1995. Take a panographic tour HERE! )
MacNevins proposal in short: Lunenburg hosting an international artist-in-resident program as well as a symposium on the status of the artist.
Brian L. MacNevin says: NSCAD (Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design) has now set up an "artist in residence" in Lunenburg. ICARDI hasn't exactly "failed" there, it's become something else now... it's move on, it's mobile...

Well, ICARDI and mr. MacNevin has gone virtual, been born into Second Life, and already given us one more occation for having a party: Art Administration's birthday.

And mr. BL Nevin has founded a new SLgroup: Friends of ICARDI. "International Current Art Research & Development Institute (ICARDI) is interested in conferring with artists internationally regarding the status of the artist in society. ICARDI is establishing a presence, an "office", in Second Life to continue this R & D, by way of organizing symposia/conferences, exhibitions & presentations of current art and hosting an artist in residency program all of which focus on the role of the artist in their community."

BL Nevin dedicated the event last monday, 19th of February, to the late Emmett Willams, who died on February 14th. See a post on Jan Hermans blog: Emmet Williams, RIP
Nevins son is named after Emmet Williams. Nevins son is born on February 19th.

Well, we are very much looking forward to see all the wonderful ideas of BL Nevin aka Brian Lee MacNevin come alive in SL!

Written by Plurabelle Posthorn

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