February 5, 2007

Keeping in Touch with the Art World

written by Cyanide Seelowe

Any artist who is worth their salt knows that keeping a good, rounded knowledge of the art world will only work to better their own art. Observing the techniques, successes and failures of other artists, famous or otherwise, tend to serve as inspiration and continue the rich cultural traditions that art provides for everyone.

As a special aide to my fellow artists, I have sifted through my list of bookmarks to help everyone keep in touch with their community- admittedly, some resources are more interesting and comprehensive than others, but all are worth a quick browse to see if they hold useful information. Enjoy!


From the site: "Rhizome.org is an online platform for the global new media art community. Our programs support the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways. We foster innovation and inclusiveness in everything we do."


In addition to news about showings in galleries and museums throughout the world, Absolute Arts provides a network of exposure for any artists who join the site and display their work for sale. An excellent opportunity for anyone who want to make a little extra money selling their work.


A great insight to the art world, both of past and contemporary persuasions. Provides a wide range of links and resources, from art schools for the prospective art student, galleries for the novice and the professional, and clever anecdotes to impress your friends with at parties.


Just another art news site, with the exception of providing useful links to art-related jobs and internships throughout the world.


Frome the site: "Art Business News is a must-read, must-have trade publication for the gallery and interior-design retail markets. Each month, its multidimensional editorial team of staff editors, columnists and contributors report on important art trends, art news and art-retailing issues. From profiles on emerging and established artists, to in-depth articles on merchandising and marketing issues, ABN provides its readers with the information needed for advancing their businesses and the art marketplace."


This online news magazine is published free to subscribers worldwide and is sponsored by the Art Appreciation Foundation. AKN brings to its readers unbiased information and news about art, the art world, museums, artists, exhibitions, articles reprinted from renowned art publications, art resources, features, photos, commentary, and a vast array of art information found nowhere else in one source.


An interesting look into the world of the modern art dealer- check out how to price fine art, and take a look at how current market trends affect the prices of your art.

Hope this helps everyone in their continuing quest for artistic knowledge, or at least provides an interesting article or two for everyone to read :]


Anonymous said...

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ericahlberg said...

I think this is the best advice for artists.

Scott Spencer said...

Art will forever enrich our lives. Painters and poets, not priests or politicians, will show us the way. One day we'll get back to that empty slate.


Rodney Mackay said...

Off the face! I love it!